More reasons to play Crackdown

Posted Mar 1, 2007 by Aaron Robson

By now, you know why Crackdown is so good - you've heard the reasons a thousand times. You're a superhero... you can enlist a sidekick over Xbox Live... the entire city is free to explore from the start.
But watch our custom video below and you may discover a few new, unexpected ways to have fun in the supercharged sandbox game. A few come from the developers themselves; attempting to obliterate the final boss in the first few minutes of the game sounds like a bragging rights challenge if we've ever heard one.
Watch the footage closely and you'll also catch a few of the crazy stunts we've discovered on our own. Like kicking your buddy off the top of a lighthouse and watching his limp rag doll form fall comically to the ground hundreds of feet below. Or racing down freeways, shoveling other cars high into the air so that they become entangled in the bridge girders. Or driving straight up the side of a friggin' building.
Well, of course you have to go to the full story to view the video, and you have to be 18 (who cares, lie about your age if you need to). But I think it is always great when even the programmers find ways around doing certain moves that were not even programed into the game. It is great to see the creators defy their own game.
This video is similar to the one that was done by Capcom and the programmers of Lost Planet Extreme conditions. It was just a few people who worked on the game and showed a few techniques that they came up with and figured out after the game was released. I liked the swinging rope one, where you eventually stand still in the middle of the air and can shoot down.
But yeah, you get the picture.