Boob Business Sagging in Michigan

Posted Feb 24, 2007 by Laura Trowbridge

Cosmetic surgery may be booming in other parts of the USA, but in Michigan the economy has forced a decline in these procedures.
"If I were an economist, I'd use breast augmentation as the best indicator of the downturn," said Dr. Mune Gowda, chief of plastic surgery at St. John/Providence Hospital & Medical Center in Southfield." His breast surgeries have dropped by 50%. This is a huge decline.
People are losing their jobs due to the downturn of Michigan's auto based economy. Homes are going into foreclosure right and left. Sales of homes are sluggish, at best.
"Cosmetic plastic surgery is like diamonds, jewelry and fancy cars" If a person is worried about their job, or has already lost it, they're certainly not going to be spending money on anything but the essentials. Vanity has too high of a price when faced with how to feed and clothe your family instead.
The cosmetic surgeons are certainly feeling the crunch along with everyone else. Their livelihoods are being threatened and many of the newer surgeons are moving out of the state to start their careers. Others are hoping advertising and building their own websites will generate more interest in plastic surgery in Michigan.
This story caught my eye because I have often asked my husband to let me have breast augmentation. While I may be a C-cup (barely) I am quite small compared to the other women in my family. (I'm taller and with a more slender frame too - a tradeoff of sorts, I suppose) My husband won't let me have the surgery because he says they never look natural and he has heard they don't feel the same as a natural breast. (He'd better NOT know that one for a fact!)
I just turned 44 this month, as some of you know. (Thanks for the birthday greetings) I'm still beautiful (and quite vain! LOL) , but am seeing alot of tiny lines in my face I intend to have "lifted" away in the future. Luckily, I have stayed out of the sun for the most part and saved myself from sun damage and premature aging. My sister, much younger than I, has a great deal of wrinkles and aging due to her sun worship and tanning salon visits. (childishly sticking my tongue out at her! lol)
Do any DJ people want to discuss their knowledge of cosmetic surgery?