Japan Prince Naruhito said the health of his wife, Masako, was slowly improving.

Posted Feb 23, 2007 by Jishpar

There was a book released in Japan which contains many claims and insulted the royal family. The name of the book was "Princess Masako - Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum"
Government had a objection on this book and was finally cancelled last week.
On the occassion of the prince's 47th birthday he said among few Japanese Journalist that his wife is recovering and needs some time to attend to her official duties.
He said that he heard about the release of his wife's biography by an Australian writers but he never read that since the government is handling the case.
The writer had apologised for this.
Princess is well versed with many languages and travelled many countries before her marriage. Correspondents say that her ill health since joining the Imperial family on the pressure to produce a male heir.
The pressure on Princess Masako was eased when her sister-in-law had a baby boy last September, ending a succession crisis faced by the Japanese throne