Beasts with brains...

Posted Feb 23, 2007 by Aaron Robson

Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl's, a gloomy survival among the ruins of world's most famous nuclear plant has been an enthralling idea, here's five reasons why that journey has been an apocalyptic joy.
This game scares the sh!t out of you and here are the five reasons why.
-Everyone is like a freaking monster that will keep you on the edge of your seat, it will keep you wondering whether your character is being watched or not.That is why when ever you see a human in this game you will run up to them in sheer joy...even if they have a gun pointing at you.
-Your enemies can also be your friends. Set in a dying village, you will always hae to form alliances with your neihgbours, svae a mans life in the game and he will eventually save yours.
-The beasts aren't stupid, they will play games with your minds.
-In the game you will always be looking over your shoulder. You rarely run into an easy to kill enemy, it's usually a pursuing pack of monsters.
-The military are always testing nuclear weapons in the game, causing sort of safety zones and danger zones...both can kill you though.