Three Italian Patients Receive HIV-Positive Organs by Accident

Posted Feb 21, 2007 by brooketerra,2933,253161,00.html

Three patients at hospitals in Tuscany were mistakenly given organs from an HIV-positive donor, raising serious concerns about transplant procedures in Italy.
A 41-year-old woman's kidneys and liver were taken after she died of a brain hemorrhage at Florence's Careggi hospital and were implanted due "to a tragic human error," the hospital said in a statement Monday. The director of the regional transplants agency said the patients' chances of infection are high.
You think?
So they've been waiting for who knows how long to get the organs they need because otherwise THEY WOULD DIE and now they have a "high" chance of contracting AIDS and DYING ANYWAY.
What seems to have happened is that the hospital did test the organs and the test did come back as positive- but the "expert" (can they really be called that at this point?) wrote down negative by mistake.
Italy's public health system is not new to scandal. Last month, authorities ordered nationwide inspections after a magazine report on Rome's largest hospital showed images of corridors soiled with dog feces and garbage, unguarded radioactive material, abandoned medical records and workers smoking next to patients.
Police found that about 17 percent of hospitals, mostly in southern and central Italy, had problems serious enough to recommend possible judicial investigations against 111 people.