14 Biggest Gaming Myths Exposed

Posted Feb 15, 2007 by guj_*

Consider these gaming myths officially busted!
Gamepro has gone and 'exposed' 14 gaming myths. One of the first myths to be exposed is that third party controllers are just as good as the real thing. WRONG - third parties can't make authentic peripherals because the likes of MS and Ninty own the patents for their designs.
MYTH: Third-party controllers are just as good.
MYTH: LCD/plasma TVs look better than old-fashioned CRTs.
MYTH: 1080i looks better than 720p.
MYTH: The more memory, the better the gaming system.
MYTH: You need 1080p.
MYTH: Porn will settle the next-gen DVD war.
MYTH: The PC is the only good place to play first-person shooters.
MYTH: You need to buy the extended warranty.
MYTH: The Xbox 360 can't handle 1080p.
MYTH: Cheat codes are put in for the sake of gamers.
MYTH: Wireless controllers don't work as well as wired.
MYTH: You have to spend $500 for a PC video card.
MYTH: S-video is fine for HD video.
MYTH: VGA output is better than component video.