Tacoma school principal accused of rape

Posted Feb 15, 2007 by Brandigal (Donna)

A principle for a middle school in Tacoma, Wa, is accused of rape of a woman.
Harold Wright Jr, 35 was charged with 2nd degree rape and indecent liberties. He is accused of raping a woman 3 years ago at an after hours party.
The woman who was 19 at the time accused him and two others of raping her. Also accused are
Jerry McClurkin jr. and Ritchie Deshun Carter. She said she was with two friends at a bar when Wright and his brother and two friends invited them to a party at McClurkin's house.
She said she was taken to a bathroom and at least two men raped her but it was to dark for her to identify them. She went to the hospital where DNA was taken and it matched Wright and Carter.
Wright is saying he did not have sex with her and that they do not know of any evidence saying he did.
As a principle he is highly respected. He is said to have helped turn the school around and raise test scores in the school.
The school placed him on paid administrative leave now . He was not charged 3 years ago when it first happened. Charges have just been laid on him.
The two other men were charged in June.
I wonder why it took them so long to lay charges on the men if the DNA matched theirs?