Godzilla Unleashed Announced

Posted Feb 8, 2007 by Aaron Robson

The game will be released for the PSP, DS and Wii...Wait a minute, why the hell is the PSP in there?
Atari announced yesterday that Godzilla: Unleashed will be coming to the Wii, DS, and PSP sometime this autumn. Players can look forward to expansive cities with lots of buildings ripe for the smashing. How said smashing will be incorporate the dynamic Wii Remote or the DS stylus remains undiscussed, but we're looking forward to hearing about it down the line. The game promises a reinvented fighting system, and an "innovative non-linear storyline" that will unfold differently depending on your choices in battle. To stomp, or not to stomp?
Let us hope that this possibly brilliant game is going to be along the same basis that GODZILLA: Destroy all monsters was. That was one big monster smashfest. But one thing is for sure, they better do a awesome job, or they will finally rin the name Godzilla for good. Many in the past have experienced the many bad Godzilla games, and the few good ones, and for Atari's sake, they better do a good job. This is under the circumstances that if Atari doesn't create a good Godzilla game, people will steer clear of them altogether.
One more statement, why the hell is the PSP in there with the Nintendo systems. If you are going to have a system like that in there, you should also have the PS3 in there as well to back it up. The PS3 system in there is actually not a bad idea, can you imagine throwing a 5000 foot monster off of you by moving the controller around that is not in the shape of a remote?
Oh yeah, that photo ubove, is hopefully the graphics for the PSP version, because if it is for the Wii, those graphics are not the greatest for a next gen system.