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Press Release

The Year 2013: A 1.2 Million Increase in Obesity in the UK.

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(PRWEB UK) 31 December 2012

The UK is on course for an obesity disaster. The lack of care, attention or planning by the government is leaving the population at a standstill when it comes to resolving the health issues that affect practically everybody.

Differ Diets, online experts in the diet and weight loss industry, predict that an extra million or so adults will become obese in the year 2013. The bad news does not stop there with a sharp rise in the number of overweight children, currently estimated to be 20% of the population.

Tim Allan, Marketing Executive at Differ Diets, further explains:

“The increase in childhood obesity is due to the lack of action by parents who are themselves, normally overweight or obese. A child’s dietary habits are much harder to change than an adults but weight loss is important and easier to achieve when you are younger.”

This ever-increasing trend of overweight and obese adults comes at a time when fast-foods are cheaper and food manufacturers are finding easier ways to produce poor nutritional ready-meals and the fall in rates of exercise.

Many health advocates are now becoming increasingly concerned with the state of the UK’s health, with the knock-on effects of obesity such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

Dr. Hadi, Nutrition Adviser, further clarifies:

“There is simply not enough being done to combat obesity both in adults and children. The Government’s approach is failing and is clearly not effective enough in preventing these rises.

If another government department failed to act in such an ineffective manner, much would be done to stop this from happening again!”

The only positive sign arising from these industry predictions is that the number of yo-yo dieters is to decrease.

Tim Allan went on to say:

“Yo-yo dieting is just as bad for you than not dieting. The number of yo-yo dieters will decrease this year thanks to the efforts of most diet providers in providing an emphasis on sustainability of results.

Unfortunately these efforts will be fruitless if obesity rates continue to rise, year on year, with the lack of government intervention. It won’t be too long until drastic action is taken, such as a ban on fast-foods in public areas.”

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