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7 Speed Reading Software Supports Apps That Help Dyslexics Improve Their Reading Skills

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New York City, NY (PRWEB) November 24, 2012

A recent study completed by researchers from the University of Padua in Italy and the Aix-Marseille University in France has confirmed that increased text spacing greatly facilitates reading for dyslexic individuals. The study focused on groups of dyslexic children, and compared their reading abilities when using normal letter spacing and very wide letters spacing in text. Based on these findings, the researchers developed a new app that allows users to adjust the letter spacing on a display to maximize their reading ability.

In essence, the study established that reading faster is possible for dyslexics when the letter spacing is extra-large. In fact, when the text is set up with extra-large spacing, the children in the research study read up to 20% faster and much more accurately than when they were reading a conventionally spaced text.

The new phone app is based on these findings, and the developers have come up with a fun, easy, and effective way to help people with dyslexia improve their reading competence. Mark Slater, director of 7 Speed Reading software, commented on this new application, stating, “Developments such as this new app are highly welcome. It shows how research is not something done in vain, and that people can actually benefit from research application. We are excited by the way this app's developers managed to swiftly implement the study findings and create a real-life useful tool that dyslexic people can extensively benefit from.”

Speed reading techniques such as spacing out letters makes it easier for dyslexics to isolate each letter sound and thus read text becomes much easier and faster. What’s more intriguing is that these findings on how typography can actually promote dyslexics' reading skills is something that can be applied to learning improvement in any area that requires reading, at very little cost and effort.

The new phone application is called DYS. It has a varied list of features that include customizable letter spacing and the ability to submit performance reports, and of course the priceless ability of improving the reading experience.

“Since the most hard-to-solve problem dyslexic people face is their slow reading pace and the numerous errors caused by letter transposition, having an app that can so easily resolve these two issues is a rather astonishing development,” Slater commented.

For more information about how play can contribute in reading development and how children can benefit from using 7 Speed Reading, please visit the official website at

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