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hCG Treatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Reveals the Truth about the Latest Fad Diet

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2012

There are thousands of fad diets and weight loss diet programs for people to choose from, all of which have the common factors of calorie counting and exercise plans combined with a novelty factor that makes the program unique. Although the majority of these diets are found to be temporarily effective for some, most do not create the life-long changes that is needed for one to keep the weight off and live a healthy life. Diet Doc reveals facts on the fad diet of the moment the OMG Diet.

The OMG diet is created by British actor Venice Fulton (real name Paul Khanna) who claims to have a background in exercise physiology and nutrition and years of experience celebrities stay fit. The six-week program outlined in his book “Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends,” makes claims that the diet will help a person lose 20 pounds and reduce cellulite. The diet focuses on several “dieting rules” that assert: carbs are carbs, too much exercise is bad, take cold showers and baths, skip breakfast and exercise on an empty stomach, drink black coffee and stay away from fruit. Fulton’s choice of rules are backed with such reasoning that asserts that the body cannot tell the difference between chocolate cake and an apple which is why “broccoli carbs can be worse than soda carbs.” In a recent interview done by Huffington Post, the personal trainer discredits scientific data on weight loss stating,
“It’s a shame. We’re all running around relying on these scientific cliches that no one ever checks out. I can’t stand that. Life is too short to waste.” Having already captured the U.K. by being No. 1 on Apple’s itunes UK chart for weeks, the diet is now out on paperback and currently becoming the latest weight loss fix for Americans.

“People should definitely stay away from this trend diet. Its name alone is a big red flag along with it’s purported reasoning for the program’s dieting rules. For example, there might be more carbs in broccoli than an artificially sweetened soda but the ingredients used in that soda cannot be easily processed by the body, causing weight gain in the long run. We need the nutrients provided by fruits and vegetables in order for our bodies to run at an optimal level” says Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc.

hCG Treatments /Diet Doc weight loss programs have long-surpassed the dieting trends and has proven to be a natural and effective solution to losing weight. Created in the 1950’s by British endocrinologist Dr. Simeons, the diet has been through years of trial and error and was only available at specialized European spa resorts and weight loss clinics. When the diet was introduced to the U.S., the program was quickly criticized by many. The concept of using a hormone to lose weight seemed to be a far-fetched concept to dieters, however, the program proved to be effective for all who gave it a try. So much so, doctors have begun prescribing it in General Practitioners offices for use in weight loss.

When looking at weight loss diets that come and go, each have similar themes with a twist that sets it apart. But Diet Doc is based on a weight loss Diet Plan that has been in use for 60 years. That coupled with unlimited patient support gives Diet Doc’s Weight Loss Diet an edge, which produces results of up to a pound a day lost. hCG Treatments / Diet Doc allows each of their patients access to a team of doctors, nurses and nutritionists along with a weight loss coach to guide them through their program. “We know making any kind of life changes are difficult and moral support is an important factor for success which is why we focus on building a relationship with each of our patients to support and guide them through their challenges,” states founder and CEO of Diet Doc, Julie Wright. With support like that, their time-tested programs seem to offer more than just trendy weight loss solutions, but life-long health solutions for those who are ready to make the changes.

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