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LinkedInfluence Review Revealed by Lewis Howes the Foremost Expert on LinkedIn

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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 21, 2012

LinkedInfluence and Lewis Howes' new training program have been generating some huge and for good reason. Howes has used LinkedIn himself to build a 7 figure business and now he wants to show people how to do it too.

Howes is by far the foremost expert on using LinkedIn to grow a business. Anyone that is looking at using LinkedIn for a business needs to learn what how teaches in LinkedInfluence.

Not only has he built his business around LinkedIn but LinkedInfluence creator Lewis Howes has also authored 2 books on LinkedIn.

Not too mention all the people he has coached about using LinkedIn for their business as well as the speaking engagements he has done.

People can get all the details on Linked Influence by reading this LinkedInfluence review.

People can also see a full LinkedInfluence review video on Youtube

What is Linked Influence All About?

The main goal of Lewis Howes's Linked Influence program is to learn how to harness LinkedIn to attract high quality clients, drive targeted traffic to a website and how to land the career opportunity of their dreams.

Many people don't even realize the full potential of LinkedIn. The fact is that LinkedIn has more than doubled in size in the last 12 months. They now have over 160 million members.

Here's just a few impressive facts about LinkedIn: 45% of LinkedIn's members are considered the major decision makers for their companies, LinkedIn holds the record for the highest average household income over all other social networking sites at over $109,000 per member and on LinkedIn people will find business minded people that are focused on networking.

After a quick review of LinkedInfluence, believes this program is a great tool for anyone that wants to use LinkedIn for their business, traffic or to find their dream job.

Lewis Howe is a master of using LinkedIn and he has proven that it is an incredible resource for people that know how to use it.

Just one of Lewis's students used his LinkedInfluence program to get 37 job offers in 2 weeks. In this job market that is absolutely incredible.

What's covered in LinkedInfluence?

There are 4 different modules inside the LinkedInfluence program.

Module 1 is all about laying the foundation which includes things like how to optimize a LinkedIn profile for maximum exposure.

Module 2 covers all aspects of using LinkedIn to grow an audience including things like how to use LinkedIn to build an email list.

Module 3 talks about using LinkedIn to take it to the next level. This means things like how to connect with investors, high level decision makers, desired business partners as well as things like how to land the career opportunity of someone's dreams.

Lastly module 4 is teaches people how to build a company using LinkedIn. This module covers things like how to build a company page, how to leverage LinkedIn's 'question and answer' feature and how to drive targeted traffic to a company's website or blog.

For those who wish to buy the program should visit the official site here.

Lewis Howe has only made a limited number of program licenses available so that his team can provide those who invest in the program the best level of service. Included with the program is a special membership area and for a limited time he's adding in some LinkedInfluence bonuses.

To get immediate access to Linked Influence go to the official site here.

Buying from any other web site is not advised since you will not be guaranteed to get the most current and up to date edition of the LinkedInfluence program. Purchasing from the official website or Secured ClickBank Order Form is the only way you can be certain to receive the full 100% money back guarantee from Lewis Howes.

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