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Oscar Nominee Sarah Miles launches children's book "Boy and the Beez" along with £100.000 challenge

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(PRWEB UK) 11 July 2012

The £100.000 contest has been announced on Sarah Miles' website as "Nanna's Crop Circle Challenge" on 1st of July as an ongoing Summer event.

In Sarah's first children's book "Boy and the Beez" ( Boy's Nanna is given a mission by the Space Brothers to expose the crop circle hoaxers. To do so, she needs to challenge them publicly, openly, with worthwhile prize money as a reward.

Nanna reveres her home the planet as much as she reveres a clear conscience. To this end, she swapped her car for a pony and trap, uses candles instead of electric light, no machine for washing up, has renounced all luxuries that require energy, including television and computers. “Conserve our resources –! Conserve!” is her motto.

Her Grandson Boy D’Battle who comes to stay, finds her strict moral standards and bygone values ridiculously old fashioned. In contrast, his easygoing, modern, conventional morality, and somewhat blurry conscience gives rise to conflict, bringing them both right to the brink – but unexpectedly there is a twist in the tale when a spacecraft appears in a Wessex cornfield.

Whereupon it is revealed that Boy’s old fashioned Nanna has been in contact with beings highly superior to humans for some years. Boy is flabbergasted because these beings, the Space Brothers and their highly advanced technologies, chime with Nanna's bygone ways. They hammer home to Boy the necessity for Earthlings to draw a halt, to renounce their greedy, polluting, pillaging ways and to start sharing and conserving. They beam into Boy that transparency is the way forward, and that a clear conscience is far more beneficial to planet Earth than relying on technology for all their needs.

All issues are resolved, with one remaining mission for Nanna – to challenge the crop circle hoaxers, who are obscuring the urgent messages from Space Brothers, revealed in the genuine crop circles. If the hoaxers are obscuring reality through their “art”, Nanna has to reverse the process by bringing that fiction back into reality.
The line between art and reality can get a bit blurry for any artist. Sarah Miles is taking this to another level. Emulating the role of Boy’s Nanna, she is taking the fiction out of the book and into the real world.

The £100.000 Crop Circle Challenge is being promoted through EHA spiritual group also as standalone project on primarily as a group endeavor; a small step towards a better understanding of the Crop Signs that can help to distinguish fantasy from the truth.

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