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Press Release

Wall Street Fraud Watchdog Now Warns All US Citizens With A IRS Tax Liability To Hire A Top Tax Attorney Not A Cable TV Scam & They Worry About the IRS Taxpayers Bill of Rights

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(PRWEB) July 09, 2012

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is in the investor due diligence, and investor protection business, and they are warning any US citizen with unfiled tax returns, or an outstanding tax liability to not fall for a cable TV pitch from a tax resolution company suggesting the IRS will settle outstanding tax debt for pennies on the dollar. The group is urging any US citizen with an outstanding tax liability, or unfiled IRS tax returns to get a top notch tax attorney in their state. The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog considers most IRS tax resolution cable TV ads to be scams, that potentially could make things much worse for the taxpayer, as opposed to better. The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog says, "We have witnessed how poorly IRS revenue officers, and their superiors can treat a taxpayer. We have also seen how worthless the so called Taxpayers Bill of Rights can be. We have also watched IRS revenue officers routinely ignoring the supposed Taxpayers Bill of Rights-so we say if you have a issue with the IRS get the best possible attorney in your state. As we see it the US IRS see's itself as the fourth branch of government, laws or regulations do not appear to apply to them, and they can do whatever they want-get a really good tax attorney." http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com

On a related topic according to Forbes Magazine on May 10th 2012, Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Charles Grassley referred to the US IRS's whistleblower program as a disgrace. The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog says, "If Senator Grassley would like, we would be more than happy to provide he, and his Senate Finance Committee with example after example, where the IRS's whistleblower program has miserably failed, leaving whistleblowers-exposed, and US taxpayer out millions, or even billions, and the IRS did not appear to be concerned? We propose the United States Department of Justice take over whistleblower cases from the IRS. The DOJ is producing results with their whistleblower initiatives, the IRS is not, and the US taxpayers deserve something much better than a Keystone Cops mentality at the IRS's whistleblower program." http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com

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