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Press Release

Gregory Bowser Asset Management Services: Financial Planning Essential for Secure Retirement

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Abingdon, MD (PRWEB) July 05, 2012

Retirement is something that the average American worker greatly anticipates. For many, it is something that is dreamed of and looked forward to for years and years. In addition to being hoped for, however, retirement must also be planned for if it is to be economically viable—a fact made clear by a recent Fox report, which finds that an alarmingly high percentage of senior citizens actually live in poverty. The report has won the attention of Gregory Bowser, of Asset Management Services, a company that provides comprehensive retirement and estate planning services.

The new Fox report cites recent census data, which offers sobering insight into the financial difficulty that many seniors face. In fact, the study finds that roughly 3.5 million senior citizens actually live below the poverty line, even in their retirement years. As a result, these seniors are forced to pay for their daily expenses by using Social Security money.

The article notes that this kind of post-retirement poverty can have many sources—ranging from simple economic misfortune and bad investments, to a lack of planning. “Whether they didn’t plan for retirement or lost their money when the markets took a downturn,” the report states, “the hard truth is that many are struggling to make a passable living on the meager funds available with Social Security.”

This difficult set of statistics has won the attention of Gregory Bowser of Asset Management Services, who has responded with his own press statement—advocating for careful and deliberate retirement planning. “Many people do not know this, but there is a high volume of seniors who must decrease their lifestyle, and scale back on the things that they enjoy, once they retire,” says Gregory Bowser. “Planning can help prevent poverty, and cutbacks.”

Gregory Bowser and the Asset Management Services team offer an array of retirement planning solutions, which he says are tailor made to offer retirees security and stability. “We focus on very conservative, low-risk investment strategies, simply to provide a safe and certain foundation on which retirees can begin this new stage in their life,” says Bowser. “Careful retirement planning can ultimately spell the difference between the sort of heartbreaking situation seen in this Fox report, and a truly satisfying retirement.”

Gregory Bowser and the Asset Management Services staff also provide estate planning, legacy planning, and more general financial planning services.


Gregory Bowser of Asset Management Services provides clients with a comprehensive suite of financial planning strategies. These services include financial planning, holistic retirement services, investment planning, estate planning, Social Security planning, legacy planning, and more. Mr. Bowser has served as a fee-based planner, helping families throughout the community invest for retirement, for more than two decades. His experience has proven invaluable in guiding retirees through uncertain and tumultuous times, ultimately helping them to enjoy comfortable and secure retirements.

Gregory Bowser and the Asset Management Services team can be contacted at (410)538-6800, gbowser(at)asset-management-services(dot)com, or via the company’s website, at The company is zealous to hear from those who want to learn more about its conservative approach to retirement planning.

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