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Parents and Kids Can Now Share iPad and Set Parental Restrictions to Control Kid’s Online Activities Only

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Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) June 26, 2012

Mobile applications that empower parents to decide which content is appropriate for their child or teenager to view online on their mobile devices are helpful, but many lack the flexibility to adjust restrictive settings according to the user. When mom or dad gets on their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch they don’t want to be constrained by the same content restrictions as those they set up for their children. They want to surf the Internet freely.

Today, McGruff SafeGuard Browser® announced new multi-user functionality for its free, fully-featured, Safari-like browser application for the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch® that blocks inappropriate websites and content accessed via Safari on mobile devices. In order to go online on any mobile iDevice, a child or teen must login with their own password to view only the websites and content approved by their parents. Parents can login separately and surf and view content freely without restriction.

This new feature of the McGruff SafeGuard Browser App maintains separate bookmarks, history, website user names and passwords, for each user. If a kid or teen tries to visit a porn site and another looks at tattoo sites, this information is conveyed in separate reports for parents to easily identify who accessed which content and when. The report even details which sites a child or teen attempted to visit.

Since Apple’s popular Safari browser doesn’t offer mobile parental controls, and many kids and teens can get online using numerous mobile devices, multi-user functionality in the McGruff SafeGuard Browser app is important. Just like McGruff the Crime Dog, who is familiar to millions of parents and kids for helping families stay safe, the McGruff SafeGuard Browser protects kids and teens when surfing online on mobile devices.

Simply download the free app from iTunes and then choose to block or allow content by topic or age. Over 100 topics can be blocked including pornography, dating, violence, sex education, alcohol, drugs, gambling and many others. Parents receive a report summarizing their child or teen’s online browsing activity, and which device was used for access.

Based on McGruff SafeGuard, a parental control system for PCs that has helped tens of thousands of parents keep their children and teens safe when surfing online, the McGruff SafeGuard Browser application works just like the Safari browser but features:

  •     Three content filters for all ages:
o    Child: 1-12 years old
o    Teen: 13-17 years old
o    Adult (no restrictions)
  •     Blocks malicious websites:
o    Proxy
o    Phishing
o    Spyware/Malware
o    Suspicious sites

  •     Safe Search capability confines surfing the web to the McGruff SafeGuard Browser. This prevents kids and teens from using another search engine to access blocked sites and content.
  •     Safe YouTube lets kids and teens see only age-appropriate videos
  •     Automated device-specific summaries detailing online activity including the number of sites visited and blocked
  •     Customizable: block or allow content from over 100 categories. See the full list at
  •     History of sites visited recorded
  •     Email link to specific webpage user accessed
  •     Ability to print webpage accessed to discuss with the user
  •     Set browser Bookmarks to easily return to favorite websites
  •     Quick and effortless set up

For parents who prefer to “set-it and forget-it,” the free version of McGruff SafeGuard Browser is perfect. For only $0.99 parents seeking the latitude to create customized lists of sites to block or allow – by specific user - can upgrade to the ‘Full Control’ version. For less than one dollar, the McGruff SafeGuard Browser Full Version offers all the capabilities of the free version, plus the following parent-only password-protected features:

  •     Ability to customize websites accessible based on category or add / block specific websites
  •     Ability to disable browser filtering for short periods of time to enable access to certain sites for brief periods
  •     Receive report on-demand detailing the amount of time user spent browsing online
  •     History of sites blocked
  •     History of sites visited
  •     Amount of time spent surfing
  •     Specific words and phrases searched for

“I like how the McGruff SafeGuard Browser lets me protect my kids from seeing material I don’t want them to see no matter which mobile device they use,” said Dave Spector, father of a toddler and an 11 year-old living in Delray Beach, Florida. “Now I don’t feel a pang of fear when I see my kids using my iPhone or iPad as I try to remember whether I turned back on the content filter or not. I know McGruff is protecting every device, and I know who tried to go where online.”

“Parents get frustrated when they try to access online content and find the restrictions they created for their kids are confining their surfing as well,” said Marty Schultz, director of McGruff SafeGuard. “Many simply disable the restrictions and then forget to reactivate them with they’re done, which enables their kids to potentially access inappropriate material. Adding multi-user capabilities to the McGruff SafeGuard Browser app enables parents to monitor and control mobile Internet activity on any iDevice their child or teen might use without hindering their own Internet browsing.”

The McGruff SafeGuard Browser, free and Full Control versions, are available for download on iTunes at McGruff SafeGuard Browser is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS version 4.0 or later.

Watch a quick video to learn exactly how the McGruff SafeGuard Browser keeps kids and teens safe:

About McGruff SafeGuard
McGruff SafeGuard for Window PCs is easy to use parental control software designed to help parents manage their kids' increasingly dangerous online activity. The service intelligently monitors all internet activity for potential danger. It allows parents to conveniently review their kids' activities on a secure website, or to be notified of potentially dangerous situations via cell phone and email alerts. McGruff SafeGuard for Windows alerts parents to dangerous behavior, such as cyber-bullying, Internet predators, or other teen activities that concern parents. It also provides helpful advice to parents on how to deal with certain issues. McGruff SafeGuard is a licensee of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). Our offices are located at 2941 West Cypress Creek Road, 2nd Floor, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309. To reach us please call (954) 607-7559, send email to or visit us online at

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