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Press Release

Greentech Marketing Solutions Launches New Age Calculator

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Pune, Maharashtra June15, 2012 (PRWEB) June 17, 2012

Greentech Marketing Solutions unleashes a new era of their own custom age calculator with multi-function features that no others currently have. The reason Greentech Marketing Solutions came to this creation is because of seeing a lack in the knowledge users have in their own life, and how much information it holds.

Life is counted in years. Although how far those years go back is what Greentech has unleashed. Users have a view of looking at their age in years because it is easy to remember, easy to calculate as well, but what would be more useful than if users knew their age not just in years, but in months, days, minutes and seconds, plus in numbers of Mondays, Sundays and all of it in just one click.

E-age calculator provides an age calculator to the online community for free. The website provides users age in years, months, days, minutes and seconds plus how many Sundays, Mondays and much more, not limited to how much one has actually lived. All you have to do is select your date of birth; the rest would be taken care of by the simple to use interface. When asked “Why e-age? " by users - Vaibhav Sawane, Founder of Greentech Marketing Solutions replied "It’s the new era of providing users with extensive knowledge of their life, it gives users a brief idea about their past that they have not realized, until this very second. Users don't have to remember anything, all they have to do is just go to the website and get a lifetime worth of information in one click, all for free”...

Greentech Marketing Solutions is working on many small as well as large applications according to Vaibhav Sawane, Founder of Greentech Marketing Solutions. This one is the smallest, but most enriching applications which gives users a lifetime worth of information in one click. Greentech will be launching very big applications for the online community very soon. Greentech will be posting official announcements since their primary aim is to make the lives of their users simplified with the help of technology.

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