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The Revolutionary New Way to Improve the Grip On Just About Anything

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Lake Elsinore, CA (PRWEB) February 16, 2012

Created to improve the handle grip on just about anything including tools, sports equipment and more, Re-Grip, Inc. of Lake Elsinore, California has recently released Re-Grip, a universal solution to improve the grip on just about any handle. Significantly improving the few options on the market, Re-Grip uses strong, durable elastic material to provide mechanical and environmental protection while enhancing safety and comfort for the user.

Re-Grip breathes life into old tools with worn-out grips. Replacement grips are usually specific to a particular tool or application and installed by a professional because of the difficulty of installation. This product can fit any handle that is cylindrical or semi-cylindrical. Its applications include tools like hammers and wheelbarrows, sports equipment like tennis racquets and bike handlebars, industrial applications like levers and wrenches, and everyday items like brooms and hairbrushes. But don't just think about making an old tool like new, Re-Grip makes new tools even better.

With its special patent pending design, Re-Grip is easy for anyone to install. The elastic grip is held extended by a inner coil, forming a tube that fits over the handle. The user simply pulls a tab at the bottom to unwind the coil, allowing the elastic grip to constrict around the handle. The entire process takes seconds. “We truly believe it will revolutionize the world of grips and handles” says Pat Roscopf, Co-Founder of Re-Grip, Inc.

Re-Grip is a superior option to dip grips and tape grips, providing greater durability, comfort and effectiveness. The elastic has UV-resistant properties that provide it with enduring sustainability. Users get improved safety and comfort from the non-slip properties and its ergonomic design redistributes energy created from impact to reduce muscle fatigue.

“I have plenty of tools that I absolutely love, but they have worn-out grips which, honestly, were never great to begin with. If I want to keep these tools, I’d have to use dip grips or tape grips which are both awful and an absolute pain to install,” said John Vernieu, Co-Founder of ReGrip, Inc. “So we spent years developing an improvement that’s safe, easy to install and comfortable to use. Best thing is Re-Grip lasts, so I use it with my new tools too!

Re-Grip is available in three sizes – with clearance of 1.3”, 1.6” and 2.1” – for application with most types of handles. Length is seven inches but custom lengths are available. It carries a MSRP of around $16 and is currently available through multiple online retailers like Amazon, Sears, Bonanza, WizardDistribution,, and some of your local hardware stores like Ace Hardware. Product information is also available at


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