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Press Release

CMRRA, SOCAN, SODRAC Exploring Integrated Approach to Music Rights Management

Canada NewsWire

TORONTO/MONTREAL, Feb. 9, 2012 /CNW/ - CMRRA, SOCAN, and SODRAC, today announced that they are exploring opportunities to create a more integrated approach to the management of performing and reproduction rights of music creators and publishers in Canada. Together, they will look for ways to create efficiencies that would benefit members of all three organizations, which include more than 100,000 Canadian music creators and publishers, as well as over 3 million international music creators and their publishers. In addition, an integrated approach would simplify the licensing process for companies that use music to enhance their business activities.

"Working together we can strengthen our ability to serve all of our members and make it easier for businesses to comply with licensing requirements", said David Basskin, President of CMRRA, the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency.

"This is a great step forward in terms of ensuring the most effective and efficient management of the rights of music creators and publishers", said Eric Baptiste, CEO of SOCAN, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.

"This collaborative effort reflects the ability of our three organizations to remain flexible and adapt to the rapidly evolving music industry", said Alain Lauzon, General Manager of SODRAC, the Society for Reproduction Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers in Canada.

While an agreement has been made to examine opportunities for the three organizations to work together, the next step involves a feasibility study to determine the best way forward.

Founded in 1975, the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd. (CMRRA) is Canada's largest music licensing agency. On behalf of the majority of music publishers and rights owners doing business in Canada, CMRRA licenses the reproduction of their musical works for distribution on CD, via the Internet and in other markets.

David Basskin, President, CMRRA
(416) 926-1966 x222,

SOCAN represents the Canadian performing rights of millions of Canadian and international music creators and publishers. SOCAN is proud to play a leading role in supporting the long-term success of its more than 100,000 Canadian members, as well as the Canadian music industry. SOCAN is a not-for-profit organization that collects licence fees from over 42,000 businesses coast to coast and distributes royalties to its members and peer organizations around the world. SOCAN also distributes royalties to its members for the use of Canadian music around the world in collaboration with its peer societies., @SOCANmusic

Betsy Chaly, Director, Marketing and Communications, SOCAN
(416) 442-3836,


SODRAC is a collective management society holding the reproduction right of over 6,000 Canadian members, authors, composers and publishers of musical works, and is the exclusive representative in Canada of the musical repertoire of over 100 countries or territories. SODRAC also represents in Canada the rights of over 600 members in the visual arts and crafts field, and nearly 40,000 artists from around the world. SODRAC facilitates the access and use of its repertoire in all distribution platforms in order to ensure that its members, authors, composers and music publishers, are compensated fairly for their work.

Gilles Lessard, Communications Manager, SODRAC
(514) 845-3268 x248,