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The Christmas Day Explosion in Tennessee Causes Surge in Demand Fire Watch Services

The devastating explosion in Nashville, Tennessee, damaged dozens of apartment blocks and businesses. The devastation has, however, lead to an increase in demand for professional Fire Watch Services.

NASHVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / January 7, 2021 / An early Christmas morning explosion in downtown Nashville, caused by a suspected recreational vehicle parked in a deserted street, caused communication outages, fires, and grounded holiday travel at the nearby airport. A warning blasted by an RV 15 minutes before the bomb detonated enabled Nashville police to evacuate nearby buildings and call the bomb squad, but the property damage was inevitable. In the wake of the explosion, business owners are now hiring Fire Watch Guards. The demand for such services has skyrocketed as they serve as a human early warning system in the event of fires in particular.

Services like The Fast Fire Watch Co. have seen an increasing number of businesses getting in touch to hire them in the wake of the explosion. An expert at the company explained that "business owners, many of whom are barely managing to stay afloat in the year of the pandemic are weary of being devastated by an explosion or a fire. That's why they trust a service like ours to look out for their business. If anything, having a few human experts watching out for your business or apartment block ensures safety even if your emergency equipment is working perfectly fine."

Readers can find out more about The First Fire Watch Co by visiting the company's official website:

Services like The Fast Fire Watch Co. provide 24/7 fire watch security. The security officers are made up of ex-firemen and are guaranteed to be OSHA and NFPA compliant. Whether it is a construction site, apartment block, or an office building, having experienced boots on the ground look after things, matters, and business owners, in particular, have begun to realize that in the wake of the recent Christmas day explosion.

"We have a team of highly experienced and well-trained fire watch officers who are trained to identify hazards and threats. Plus, we work with local authorities, meaning we alert 911 at the first sign of a threat. Our goal is to prevent potential devastation caused by fires or an explosion. It is something that only having real people on the ground can achieve." Said a representative for The Fast Fire Watch Co.

"The increase in the number of calls we've received after the explosion is mainly from concerned business owners who want us to guard their business. For them having us at their place of business when they are not around ensures peace of mind that someone is looking out for them." He added.

About The Fast Fire Watch Co.

The company provides property owners with professional fire watch guard services. It is a company run primarily by retired firefighters, and so they understand safety more than anyone else. The company provides both long term and temporary fire watch guards to many clients across the country.

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Company: The Fast Fire Watch Co.
Phone: 1-800-899-7524

SOURCE: The Fast Fire Watch Company

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