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Fox-IT and TNO to Work on System for Detecting Digital Espionage

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Delft, The Netherlands (PRWEB) November 16, 2011

The threat of targeted cyber attacks, especially digital espionage is increasing rapidly. The current security measures against cybercrime focus primarily on the detection of massive and indiscriminate attacks. To protect businesses and governments against cyber espionage Fox-IT and TNO are developing the Cyber Attack Detector (CAD).

Analyzing a large number of digital espionage indicators will allow users to be instantly alerted when there are activities that indicate fraud or espionage. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation in The Netherlands has granted €800,000 via the “Innovation for Public Security” program for the development of this joint solution.

Digital espionage threat is increasing, protection lagging
The social and economic impact of cybercrime is increasing, as is the demand for an effective protection against cybercrime. The attack methods of the digital spy have become more sophisticated, with increasing reports of very specific and targeted attacks. Traditional protective equipment such as intrusion detection systems, firewalls, virus scanners, and log analyzers offer inadequate protection.

Early detection of espionage
The purpose of the CAD project is to develop a sensor that enables organizations to determine in their Information and Communications Technology networks whether they are victims of espionage. Early detection of infiltration means that espionage or an attack can be prevented or stopped. To facilitate this, a number of cybercrime indicators are combined intelligently in the CAD.

A cyber espionage attack follows in practice a fixed pattern: entice, contaminate, collect and exfiltrate. The CAD lays down tripwires for each step. Every feature in itself does not have to be a sign of a digital attack, but the combination of characteristic features can be.

Unique and innovative project
Fox-IT and TNO are working closely together to enable the development of this innovative system. Fox-IT brings extensive experience in network security and detection of cyber attacks into the project. TNO brings expertise in critical IT infrastructures, anomaly detection and correlation, and visualization techniques. The development will include an intensive test period and take approximately two years to complete.

Customers for the CAD are organizations that are potential targets of espionage. These include government agencies, financial institutions, vital infrastructure and knowledge-intensive companies. They have secrets to protect ranging from intellectual property to state secrets.

About TNO
TNO is an independent research organization with 4,000 employees that contributes significantly to the competitiveness of companies and organizations and to the economy and the quality of society as a whole on the basis of its expertise and research. In the field of Information Society is TNO researches the robustness and vitality of ICT infrastructures among others. For many economic sectors is a reliable and secure ICT infrastructure is a prerequisite. TNO also conducts research into the safety of society. For more information, please see: .

About Fox-IT
Fox-IT is an IT Security provider headquartered in The Netherlands. Fox-IT delivers worldwide special security and intelligence solutions for governments and vital industries and organizations. Core activities are the development of solutions for protecting secrets, performing digital fraud investigations, combating cybercrime and providing analysis solutions for police forces. For more information, please see


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