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Jacob Gland Is on a Mission to Secure Mental Health Nationwide

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 19, 2020 / Erie, Pennsylvania native Jacob Gland is a motivational speaker, life coach, recovery coach, and a nationally certified interventionist. Through his speaking and coaching business, LLC, and social media platforms, Jacob is on a mission to educate and inspire as many people as possible.

Jacob Gland was raised in a typical family setting. He had a good childhood, friends, and was always eager to try new things. The latter, although often lauded as a good trait, would soon prove to be his downfall. Years passed, and soon it was time for Jacob to go off to college.

A wide-eyed Jacob Gland entered the halls of the University at Buffalo and got his hands on something he was excited to try out: drugs, specifically methamphetamine. Once he got a taste, everything changed, and his once-ordinary life would soon only take the elevator down.

His early 20s were characterized as "failed attempts at getting and staying clean." Jacob Gland's drug addiction only grew as he became dependent on the substance to quiet his inner demons. Soon, the young college student would branch out to alcohol, and then self-harm. Every day was an endless game of Russian roulette.

On December 4, 2017, Jacob Gland miraculously survived his last turn at the game. On that monumental day, a self-inflicted gunshot woke him up from the drug-induced, disillusioned life he had been living. Years after, due to the incident, a 28-year old Jacob Gland was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which robbed him of his freedom.

However, a bright light was waiting at the end of his dark tunnel. That light came in an adorable brown and black form and a wagging tail. Jacob Gland finally got his life back when he met his battle buddy, PTSD service dog Liberty, whom he found in an organization called New Hope Assistance Dogs.

Rediscovering his purpose, Jacob Gland was determined to assist those navigating their way around hurdles that once stood in his path. 70% of adults in the United States experience a traumatic event during their life, and the driven mental health advocate was eager to make sure that none of the 70% would feel alone in their battle.

Jacob Gland reveals, "If I can survive and overcome everything I did, I have to share my story and education because I never want anyone to take it to the extent that I did. My past does not define me, and I choose to not live in it! I choose to keep on moving forward and leaving a positive impact."

With this in mind, Jacob Gland went back to school and received his international masters in addiction coaching from The Addictions Academy. There he achieved multiple coaching certifications and became a nationally certified interventionist, as well. Through his experience as a suicide survivor and his education, Jacob Gland found his passion for public speaking and mentoring young minds.

Together with Liberty, he lives to impact lives and let everyone know that it is possible to do the impossible, that there is light in the darkness. Although it still hurts him to speak intimately about his experience with mental health and self-harm, Jacob Gland muddles through the pain to become the voice for those without one.

"Liberty and I are on a mission to impact as many lives as we can. Every life is worth it and we want that message to reach across this country."

Jacob and Liberty have been documenting their awe-inspiring journey together on Instagram, bringing hope to those living with PTSD and reminding their reach that it is never too late to get their lives back. For more information or to reach out to the duo, visit LLC on its official website.

Company: LLC
Phone: (814)860-4345


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