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Press Release

Unknown Artist's Charity Album Breaks Over One Million YouTube Views In 5 Days

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New York (PRWEB) November 03, 2011

It’s likely that Anthony Tedesco’s video for his new single “Long Until Gone” has gone viral because it hits so close to home. After all, the raw emotion he permits to bubble under the surface has been roiling with patriotism since World War II, when his grandfather served in the United States Air Force. A generation later, his uncle served in the War in Vietnam. He passed away recently, most likely as a result of his exposure to Agent Orange, a defoliant used by the U.S. to reduce cover for the enemy.

Maybe the song has had over a million viewers because so many families have suffered, cried and healed like the characters in his video. Most families can identify with the video’s sentiments in one way or another. Some are nursing their heroes back to health. Some families are reunited and trying to forget the days apart from one another. Others are learning to honor and remember their heroes in the most heartfelt way.

Anthony Tedesco’s video, shot on location in Long Island, is as tough and unflinching as the song behind the images. You can hear the influences stacked like ammo in a case. The music fuses grunge, emo and power pop into an ode to the soldier’s courage and commitment.

The video also manages to honor those left at home to keep the family in motion. John Milton said it best. “They also serve who only stand and wait.”

The effects of war ripple across the nation from Portland, Maine, to San Diego. Tedesco’s song and video honors not just the soldiers, but their caretakers and families too. It’s expected that an additional 200,000 to 300,000 people will watch the video in the next few days.

“Long Until Gone” is on Tedesco’s new album entitled Exordium. Proceeds from all sales of the album go to the Treat Any Soldier charity at

Tedesco said the purpose of the video is to “display sentiments of the hardships some of the troops go through and to raise awareness of the sacrifices our troops make in general.” The cast is small. In addition to the band giving a spirited version of the song, there’s a story-line in Tedesco’s video featuring “a soldier who was badly wounded in war, a home nurse who tends to him, a mother and daughter who wait for their husband/father to come home from war, and the soldier who comes home to his family.”

“I’ve had a love for music since I was very small and have been playing music since the young age of 8,” he continued. “Through this video I hope to further my career while helping to support those who keep our country safe so that we have a place to live, and thrive and do what we love.”

This isn’t Tedesco’s first attempt at charity work. He produced a benefit concert for victims of the 2009 earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy. That concert raised $30,000. His family has raised over $500,000 in five years for a school for autistic children on Long Island, NY.

Tedesco inherited his mother's taste in music. He claims he was exposed to The Beatles and the Beach Boys regularly since he was a toddler. That explains his pop sensibilities. He chose the album’s title, Exordium, because he feels “it truly is the introduction to my music career."

Check out Anthony Tedesco’s video on YouTube.

You can buy it at iTunes. A portion of the proceeds go to the Treat Any Soldier charity at


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