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What's Driving the Graphene Market Growth?: By Key Players XG Sciences, Grafoid Inc, AMO Gmbh, Angstron Materials, Inc., Angstron Materials, Inc., Graphene Laboratories

Growing electronics demand in Asia Pacific to fuel the development of graphene products

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Ocean View, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2020 -- The expansion of semiconductor and electronics industries will have a positive impact on graphene market trends over the coming years. The material is known to be among the thinnest ever known to mankind while it exhibits about 200 times more strength than steel.

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Frontrunners in the industry:
1. Applied Graphene Materials plc
2. Graphenea S.A
3. Graphene Frontiers
4. ACS Materials LLC
5. Haydale Limited
6. Advanced Graphene Products
7. Applied Nanotech, Inc.
8. Nanjing XFNANO Materials Tech Company Limited
9. XG Sciences
10. Grafoid Inc
11. AMO Gmbh
12. Angstron Materials, Inc.
13. Angstron Materials, Inc.
14. Graphene Laboratories, Inc.
15. Thomas Swan & Co.

Graphene Market Segmentation
By Product
- Graphene oxide
- Graphene nanoplatelets
- Mono-layer & bi-layer graphene
- Others
By Industry
- Electronics
- Aerospace & defense
- Energy
- Automotive
- Healthcare
- Others

Graphene is an outstanding conductor of heat and electricity and has a high potential to be used across any industry. It is only one atom thick which makes it almost entirely transparent. It transmits around 97-98% of light in comparison with a single pane window glass that transmits 80-90% of light. Its superior and multiple properties have fueled its applications in LCDs, touchscreens and solar panels.

Growing electronics sector in Asia to be a driving factor for graphene consumption
Graphene has a significant potential to help create next-generation electronics like faster semiconductors, transistors and bendable phones. It can essentially be used as a coating that could enhance the touchscreen quality on tablets and phones.

The electronics industry across the Asia Pacific region has been gaining a steady momentum which will prove to be beneficial for graphene market in the forthcoming years. Rise in the middle-class population and the increase in the disposable income at hand have been fueling the electronics consumption in India.
India has permitted a 100% flow of FDI for the electronics industry, under automatic route, with 49% of approved in the case of electronics used for defense. The Indian electronics sector is considered to be one of the world's largest consumer markets, expected to reach US$400 billion by the year 2025, creating a positive growth prospect for graphene demand.

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Rising environmental concerns to act as a restraint for graphene consumption
Graphene has been experiencing a massive hype due to its exceptional features and the number of applications it can cater to across multiple industries. However, some grades of the material are known for their high manufacturing cost that could hamper its production scale and demand. The price of graphene is essentially connected to the quality of the material.

While graphene of a lower quality can be inexpensive and used for certain applications, they cannot be used in the other industries for a wider range of applications. For instance, graphene oxide powder is used to make conductive graphene paper for advanced biotechnology applications. But the electronic properties of that material may not be sufficient for solar cells, smart windows, LEDs and flexible batteries, among others.
Recent studies have suggested that graphene oxide may turn out to be toxic to humans, if not disposed of properly, as the disposal might contaminate the ground and surface environments.

Some of the major players in the global graphene market report include Applied Graphene Materials plc, Graphenea S.A, Graphene Frontiers, ACS Materials LLC, Haydale Limited, Advanced Graphene Products, Applied Nanotech, Inc., Nanjing XFNANO Materials Tech Company Limited, XG Sciences, Grafoid Inc, AMO Gmbh, Angstron Materials, Inc., Angstron Materials, Inc., Graphene Laboratories, Inc., and Thomas Swan & Co.

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