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Furnace Repair Winnipeg Provides Homeowners with a Checklist For DIY Furnace Repairs

Furnace Repair Winnipeg has just posted a blog article on their website that provides homeowners with a helpful checklist concerning DIY Furnace Repairs. These tips are important to their customers because they not only will help a customer save money on furnace repairs but they will also help extend the life of any HVAC system. It’s all part of the excellent customer service that this company is known for. They are known for treating their customers like family.

Company owner, George B. Harwell, had this to say about why they publish the informational blogs on their website, “Sure, we are in business to make money but we are also aware that every home in Winnipeg and the surrounding area has a furnace. That means there is plenty of work to go around. Because of that, we have no problems offering customers advice in our blogs that will greatly benefit them even though it may cost us a little work. Our DIY furnace advice is sound and if our customers follow it, they can save some substantial money on maintenance calls, repairs, and it will help their furnace and HVAC systems last longer. It’s all part of what we do in going the extra mile to make sure that our customers are satisfied. I hope every customer takes the time to go over the DIY furnace tips in our latest blog.”

The blog article itself gave DIY tips on both gas and oil-burning furnaces. That’s because they operate slightly differently and each has its own unique set of maintenance requirements and it's important to know the difference in order to get DIY maintenance right. In the blog post written by this reputable HVAC Contractor, it first talked about the DIY maintenance checklist for gas burning furnaces. The post mentioned that since a vital part of these systems is the air they take into them, it’s important to keep the areas around them clean, dust-free, and unblocked. It also mentioned the importance of maintaining the air filters on the system properly. When these get dirty it results in less airflow getting into the system and it makes the unit work harder. This results in energy loss due to less furnace efficiency.

The article also talked about DIY checklist items for oil-burning furnaces. These too have delicate air systems and filters that need to be taken care of the same way as gas burning furnaces. They are different than gas-burning furnaces in that they have an additional oil filter on them that needs to be periodically changed. In the blog, it mentions that soot building up around the furnace can be a sign the systems oil filter needs changing. Also on the DIY checklist for oil furnaces, it mentioned that black smoke coming out of the chimney indicates the oil filter needs changing or there may be a more serious burner problem.

It was also mentioned in the blog that both of these furnace systems should have regular maintenance performed on them by professionals. This can be done at any time of the year and will help keep furnaces working at a higher efficiency. The article mentioned that during professional furnace maintenance, such important steps as burner and air circulating system cleaning takes place. Special attention is also paid to blower motors, fan belts, and burner nozzles during routine professional maintenance sessions. This is also a time when many small problems can be corrected before they become much costlier repairs further on down the road.

According to the company owner, Furnace Repair Winnipeg is a full-service HVAC installation and repair company. They can handle anything from small air handling system repairs to enter furnace replacements. Harwell says that his company also has a reputation for responding very quickly to 24-hour emergency furnace service calls. He invites anyone in the Winnipeg area that would like to know more about his furnace company to call him, send him an email, or use the messaging service that’s found on the company’s website contact form.


For more information about Furnace Repair Winnipeg, contact the company here:

Furnace Repair Winnipeg
George B. Harwell
(204) 817-1130
760 Erin St, Winnipeg, MB R3G 2W4

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