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Press Release

What is Lion Lock? Let’s find out with

Lion Lock is a famous British fingerprint door lock brand having the Lion Head symbol with the  desire to not only create a good locking product but also a product of "pride". That likes the pride of the male Lion King.

The birth of Lion Lock

The happening of industrial revolution in the late eighteenth century in UK helped the mechanic industry more developed. Metal locks and keys are manufactured with unprecedented complexity and sophistication.

In 1778 Robert Barron perfected the Lion Lock lift type . By 1818 Jeremiah Chubb had greatly improved the technique of the lift lock.

By 1821, the huge theft of property happened in Portsmouth Dockyard city that prompted the British Government  to announce a produce competition of locks with additional alarm functions for property owners. In 1824, the researcher-Chubb Lion studied the basic Lion Lock fingerprint lock series successfully.

In 1861, Linus Yale, Bramah took inspiration from the old lock pattern to invent a new type of metal key with different short and long incisors. Integrate security technologies such as fingerprints, touch cards, face recognition are used for apartments' locks.

Although there are some improvements in the main design, the majority of the locks today are still variations of the designs invented by Bramah, Chubb Lion Lock and Yale.

Meaning of the Lion symbol

The lion is named the lord of all beings. There is no animal more powerful on the ground than it. Not even the tiger and the leopard can compare. The lion's charisma has the deep features of an emperor.

  • In the past, most of the houses of the mandarins always had a pair of lions in front of the door. This pair of lions not only has a duty to protect but also has the meaning of Ensuring, Maintaining Position, Rights and being able to Pick Up Siege and Fortune.
  • Today, the places that use the most feng shui lions are the Business Agencies. They put a pair of lions right in front of the great gate to eliminate the numerous work's obtacles.
  • In addition, the small Lion Statues for Individuals that often places in the living room, office ...have uses to remove Murderous for homeowners in Work Area or Living Area .
  • The meaning of money is that it can eliminate the mammon hindrance and grow the Business.

This is also the most popular feng shui item of the professions that use their mouth to make a living like Lawyers, Artists ... They often put a couple of lion statues in the office for illustrious reputation.


  • Bringing Lion Lock to the number one position in the field of security door locks and security and Smart Home.
  • Lion Lock is  improving constantly to give customers the most interesting and satisfying experience based on the customer-focused and Integrity-based culture.
  • Lion Lock provides a comfortable life for employees, high profits for long-term investors and community welfare contributions.
  • This is our objective. These are things that you can count on us.

Commitment Of LionLock

  • Lion Lock is committed to taking CUSTOMER in CENTER through its thoughts and actions.
  • Lion Lock is committed to providing employees with an RESPECT and FAIRED working environment.
  • Lion Lock is committed to giving management: A fair PLAYGROUND to compete for talent / A commitment to a comfortable personal life  / A social position respected by others.
  • Lion Lock is committed to giving its partners all RESPECT.
  • Lion Lock is committed to giving investors unrivaled business value.
  • Lion Lock is committed  to contributing to the community through the creation of thousands jobs and full tax contributions to the state budget

The core values ​​of the human Lion Lock

  • Dedication to Customers
  • Honest
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Love and support colleagues
  • Blood fire at work
  • Contact Lion Lock




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