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Press Release

MBS Now Tracks And Reports A Critical Metric For Amazon Sellers

Today ManageByStats CEO, Philip Jepsen, announced a new column for their Statistics & Profits tool, which calculates and reports a critical metric for Amazon sellers. The metric reported is called ACOTS, or Advertising Cost of Total Sales. ACOTS is the advertising spend over the total sales, with total sales being those that came in as a direct result of advertising, plus organic sales. Knowing this figure gives Amazon sellers an idea of what percentage of their total sales is going for advertising.

“ManageByStats shows you sales from advertising,” says Mister Jepsen, “but our users have requested we also show advertising as a percentage of total sales, which would let them know how they’re doing overall with their advertising budget. We added that column, ACOTS, and it’s available now.”

ManageByStats is a comprehensive suite of tools for Amazon sellers, with software solutions for everything from tracking and reporting profit and ROI to sending automated emails to customers. The Statistics & Profits tool provides analytics and reporting for all aspects of revenue and profit, along with visualization through graphing. The new ACOTS feature adds to that the computation of advertising costs versus overall sales.

“We break out revenue and give our users a ton of metrics with which to analyze how their sales are doing,” says Mister Jepsen. “We let them enter costs and additional expenses in order to see, truly, how healthy their Amazon business is. This new metric only increases their ability to know and monitor their business.”

For more info on MBS, please visit the ManageByStats site or contact the company directly. If interested parties have further questions, ManageByStats may be contacted directly by email.


For more information about ManageByStats, contact the company here:

Philip Jepsen, CEO
411 Cleveland Street, Suite 110
Clearwater FL 33755

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