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From ancient to modern, the global ecological material and cultural chain provides a reliable guarantee for cultural art transactions

Art finance and art asset evaluation are new affairs in the former art field, financial field and asset evaluation field. There are many problems that need to be studied carefully. The development of culture and art industry is not only the embodiment of a country's hard power, but also the embodiment of its soft power.


From the current situation of art financial development, there is still a serious shortage of art financial infrastructure supply. To fundamentally solve the bottleneck of art financial development, we must strengthen the construction of art financial infrastructure. Due to the late development of the global art market and the unique characteristics of the art itself, such as highly personalized, heterogeneous, scarce and less repeated transactions, there are still some problems in the evaluation of art assets, such as the lack of in-depth research on the evaluation theory, the imperfect standards of the evaluation methods, the lack of practical experience accumulation in the evaluation of art products, and the lack of professional talents in the evaluation of art products It is a short board of art financial infrastructure system and an important factor restricting the healthy development of art finance. In the past, this problem has not been solved well, but now, with the development of blockchain technology, this problem seems to see a new dawn.


Blockchain is the underlying technology of digital cryptocurrency represented by bitcoin. In essence, it is a shared and trusted public general ledger, which can be checked by anyone, but there is no single user who can control it. Because the transaction of art cannot be separated from the participation of the appraisal center, and the asset appraisal center has some natural disadvantages in the field of art, such as greater subjectivity. In the field of art e-commerce, the natural attribute of blockchain technology makes every transaction have "traceability". For the o2o model of art e-commerce, the matching degree of the two is very high. Whether it is the verification of the identity and credit of the buyer and the seller in the online transaction, the issuance of the uniqueness certificate for the target artwork, or the artwork comprehensive insurance business in the offline logistics and transportation process, through the block chain application, to ensure that the transaction is carried out efficiently and safely in the whole process.


With the advantage of blockchain and the problems in the process of art transaction, EMC, the global ecological material and Cultural Chain Based on blockchain technology, was born. EMC is a blockchain platform specially transformed for the trade of ecological material and cultural works of art. Using blockchain technology, EMC provides a display platform for ecological material and cultural works of art, so that people can understand these colorful cultures.


In addition, the setting of the trading platform gives each artwork a reasonable value, and each ecological material and cultural artwork can be traced and unique by recording on the regional chain; decentralized digital right confirmation ensures that each artwork producer can obtain corresponding income. The blockchain technology provided by EMC will bring financial product level transparency to the art market, which will attract more capital, collectors, dealers and artists.


The global ecological material and cultural chain EMC, through the blockchain technology, can trace the origin of works of art, truly make the ancient and modern, and make the collectors and transaction process of all works of art more reliable. Adhering to the development tenet of fairness, justice, openness, CO creation, sharing and win-win, EMC will build the ecology of art digital economic alliance, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional material and cultural industries, and provide reliable guarantee for the trade of cultural arts.

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