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Mobile, AL Plumbing Repair Company Reminds Alabama Residents to Be Wary of Colder Weather

Mobile, Ala. – As the United States enters the cold season, many residents of the southern states are being caught off guard by the steadily declining temperatures and are subsequently suffering water damage to their homes and businesses. A Mobile AL plumbing repair company wants to remind the residents of these typically warmer climates what is at stake by not preparing their plumbing for the season.

As the weather becomes more and more chilly, water begins to expand within the pipes of buildings and houses. This expansion causes pressure to build within pipes and can cause them to burst if let unmanaged. All Clear Plumbing and Drain recommends that exposed pipes are sealed and insulated against drafts. When temperatures are expected to drop to or below freezing at night, the experts recommend leaving a faucet turned on to a steady drip. While many are tempted to leave them turned off to save some money, the running water is less likely to freeze and cause the pipes to burst.

Preventative measures to protect plumbing in the wintertime are also recommended by the Mobile AL plumbers prior to cold snaps. All Clear advises home and business owners alike to have water heaters and furnaces inspected as soon as possible. While many do not associate the furnace or water heater as an integral part of their plumbing, if the furnace should break during the night, the temperature of the interior of the building or home will plummet with the exterior and can cause pipes to freeze and burst. The team at All Clear Plumbing and Drain are trained to looked at items such as the age, the insulation, and check for sediment buildup that could lead to costly breaks or damage.

All Clear Plumbing and Drain services residential and commercial customers alike who need plumbing services in Mobile, AL and surrounding communities. They strive to provide permanent plumbing solutions from drain cleaning to sewer line repair and offer 24/7 emergency services with flat rate fees. To request an estimate or to learn more about their services, give them a call at (251) 725-0808 or visit their website at


For more information about All Clear Plumbing & Drain, contact the company here:

All Clear Plumbing & Drain
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