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Press Release

CloudHQ launches Google Chrome Extension Manager

Cloud HQ, a company focused on email productivity, cloud sync and backup solutions, is releasing a new extension for Google Chrome on the Google Chrome Extension Store. This extension, the Chrome Extension Manager by CloudHQ, is designed to help people manage their extensions on Google Chrome making it easy to enable, disable and organize extensions at will. The extension also allows users to access the options for all of their extensions easily and helps protect users from malicious extensions and other malware that may infect their computer in the form of an extension

The San Francisco based company designed the extension manager to allow people an easy method to enable and disable their extensions on Google Chrome, as well as access the options for any extension. Users will also be able to uninstall extensions, quickly and easily check for whether a particular extension is installed on their machine, create groups of extensions, and enable and disable extensions by groups. For example, a group of extensions designed to aid in the online shopping experience could be enabled only while the user is engaging in online shopping activity, and then disabled as soon as the online shopping activity has been completed, so the extensions are not running and taking up precious computer power when they are not needed.

The Google Chrome Extension manager is the latest addition to an entire suite of Google Chrome extensions made by cloudHQ. These extensions include a number of productivity tools for gmail, such as a message preview, the ability to save emails to pdf, and a snooze timer for gmail that blocks incoming messages for a period of time, allowing the user to have fewer email related distractions while working with gmail.

CloudHQ’s other products mostly involve various products that help synchronize data between a variety of cloud platforms. Their products help people work with other people who may use different platforms, as well as aiding with other common issues that often prevent proper collaboration between and across cloud platforms. For example, they provide systems that integrate between OneNote, Salesforce, Office 365, Google Drive, and Amazon S3. They also have systems for real time backup of various cloud platforms, including Salesforce, Dropbox, and others. This prevents accidental loss of data through user error or system failure, because the data will all be in a failsafe backup on another platform.

Customers love cloudHQ’s products. One reviewer on their website, Brian Smiga, says: “cloudHQ’s reliable cloud app sync service saved my global team so much communication time, and it gives me peace of mind knowing that I have records of all my company assets safely stored in my Google Apps.” The offerings of cloudHQ include free versions of their productivity tools, backup systems, and data synchronization between platforms. With a free account, users can sync between any free cloud platform accounts, such as Evernote, Google Suite and Dropbox. To access synchronization between premium cloud accounts, customers can select a package depending on exactly what services they want and how many users they expect to be using the system.

Naomi Assaraf, a spokesperson for cloudHQ, says: “We’ve created a host of tools to help with productivity and data protection. Eighty percent of data loss is caused by human error, so we offer secure, real time data protection and backups for cloud data to prevent even the most malicious or accidental losses of data, so all of your data in the cloud remains safely in the cloud. We also have a data synchronization and migration suite for ease of collaboration across companies, employees, clients and partners who may use a variety of cloud platforms and apps for their work. This allows collaborative work to be streamlined and prevents time lost to transferring data between apps - it all happens automatically. We also have created over 30 productivity tools for Gmail and Google Chrome, including our new Google Chrome Extension Manager, to allow people to save time when using email.”

Anyone interested in learning more about cloudHQ, their products, and their new Chrome Extension Manager can visit the company website or contact the company.


For more information about cloudHQ, contact the company here:

Naomi Assaraf
cloudHQ LLC
2127 30th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94116

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