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Press Release

LinkFusions Shows Companies How To Automate Marketing Strategies Through Text Messaging

Gilbert, Arizona based LinkFusions recently discussed how companies can use the automation of text messaging marketing to increase their reach and scope. Experts in the development of multi-channel marketing strategies and other effective methods of generating more revenue, LinkFusions seeks to help their clients market their products and services more effectively.

Ben Fatola, a representative of LinkFusions, states that, "More than 95% of text messages are read within five minutes of being received. Compared to other marketing strategies and methods, this is one of the most effective ways to contact customers and let them know about new products, offers, and any important news that may be relevant to them. This makes SMS Marketing a viable option for any business, regardless of their niche and target audience."

Approximately 50% of consumers in the U.S. make direct purchases after receiving an SMS branded text, placing this form of marketing among the most effective strategies that companies can adopt. LinkFusions asserts that this is because customers are only willing to share private contact information, such as their phone number, with companies whose products they are interested in and want to purchase in the future. Combined with the astonishing 95% rate at which SMS Messages are read, this aspect of consumer psychology makes this strategy one of the best 'Calls to Action' that a business can utilize.

"You already have built your network of customers, we are here simply to help you put it to good use," asserts Fatola, adding, "You will most likely already have a directory built with all of your regular customers’ phone numbers, and perhaps those of some other individuals who have shown interest in your products. By employing an SMS Marketing strategy, you'll be reminding them of your product and what it is that they like about it, or what caught their attention in the first place. A simple reminder may have been what they needed to go back to purchase your product and, even if it turns out it was not, it is worth the try."

LinkFusions affirms that their platform allows their clients to automate text messaging, making the use of SMS Marketing strategies significantly easier, and more effective, for new adopters.

The Automated Texting Platform makes it easy for companies to communicate with their contacts in an instant via SMS messages. One of the key advantages that this platform has to offer is the fact that users will be able to contact their clients by the hundreds rather than on an individual bases. They may also schedule their campaigns ahead of time, allowing them to plan an effective strategy to encourage customers to choose their products over others.

Automated text messaging is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies in the field, producing results on par with other outreach methods of the same type. LinkFusions explains that the platform was also built with ease of use in mind, as it only requires the user to choose from a list of system-assigned phone numbers before they can begin their SMS campaigns. This also helps protect the company's private phone numbers, since every message will be sent from LinkFusions' platform.

Some of the other benefits which this platform offers, besides safety and convenience, include the ability to send appointments, reminders, and discount codes through SMS messages, giving companies all of the tools necessary to announce a new promotion or advertise a new product. Furthermore, LinkFusions' Automated Message Texting also allows their clients to send images through MMS, which can be an invaluable method of introducing customers to a new product that they are yet to familiarize themselves with. All messages are sent with an industry leading reliability, which practically means that business owners can be at ease and focus on other projects while an SMS marketing campaign is being carried out.

More information on LinkFusions' Automated SMS Platform can be found on their website, along with the option to begin a 7-Day Free Trial. Additionally, the company has created a video in which they explain the main benefits of the application and what it can do for a business in the growth stage. The video can be accessed here:


For more information about LinkFusions, contact the company here:

Ben Fatola
2487 S Gilbert Rd Suite 299 Gilbert AZ, 85295

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