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Press Release

Swiss Quality Smile Offers Professional Teeth Whitening In West Los Angeles

Los Angeles based dental office, Swiss Quality Smile, is excited to announce that they are now offering Kör Whitening at their West Los Angeles dental office. The system is a combination of at home and in office treatments, and offers amazing results. A wide range of other treatments are also available for those seeking the perfect smile. “A beautiful smile is considered a striking feature, but not all individuals are naturally gifted with perfect teeth,” says the clinic through their website. “Your cosmetic dentist in West Los Angeles is equipped with the skills, experience, and modern technology to help relieve oral health problems and create a breathtakingly healthy smile you can be proud of. From misalignment to discoloration and tooth loss, our corrective procedures aim to alleviate symptoms and support your well-being.”

Many have turned to Swiss Quality Smile in their search for professional teeth whitening in West Los Angeles, and they have not been disappointed. Straight, white, cavity free teeth lend an air of confidence to any smile, and can help increase the quality of both one’s social and professional life. People with attractive smiles are generally considered more attractive and perfect; white teeth are an important part of having an attractive smile. This leads to many people looking for a way to acquire the perfect, straight set of teeth that is so commonly regarded as beautiful. A licensed, experienced dental professional is the right person to go to when looking for a way to achieve this perfect smile, and Swiss Quality Smile has a number of such professionals on hand to walk their patients through every step of the journey toward their perfect smile.

Swiss Quality Smile also offers Invisalign for approved candidates suffering from mild forms of misalignment. Invisalign offers a modern solution to mild misalignment that negates the need for unsightly metal braces. Unlike traditional straightening methods, Invisalign does not cause severe gum irritation and does not take years to produce results. The dental office’s site states, “Invisalign consists of a clear set of aligners customized to your mouth, and are changed every few weeks to encourage gentle realignment. It is a great option compared to the traditional type of braces, but is non-invasive, barely noticeable and easy to keep clean.” Swiss Quality Smile advises those who are affected by misaligned teeth to schedule an appointment with their dental practitioner to discuss methods of correction.

Those seeking a cosmetic dentist in Westwood Village need not look any further than Swiss Quality Smile. The clinic offers a variety of different treatments to help their clients achieve perfect dental health, including veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, and dental implants.

The dental office is run by professionals with familial ties to dentistry that go back decades. The Casellini family has been involved in the dental field for four generations, and aims to always provide high quality service using the most advanced techniques and equipment. This commitment to high quality service has resulted in the clinic receiving a number of positive reviews from pleased clients.

One such review gives the dentistry five stars, stating, “Just recently started going to Dr. Casellini and I am so happy with the treatment. The entire staff is so sweet! They have a laid back yet professional attitude to their office that I really like. Dr. Casellini has helped me with fillings, a crown, and cleanings. The dentist isn't always fun, but at least here you're in good company and competent hands.”

Another five star review states, “Dr. Casellini is the best dentist ever. I previously had such bad experiences at multiple dentist offices, and when I finally came to Swiss quality smile, I realized you can love your dentist and get amazing dental work done. I have had extensive work done over the course of the year and they went above and beyond. So happy I switched to Dr. Casellini.”

Swiss Quality Smile is one of the best options for those looking for orthodontists in West Los Angeles and high quality dental service from a team of qualified professionals. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Swiss Quality Smile today.


For more information about Swiss Quality Smile, contact the company here:

Swiss Quality Smile
Dr. Ilona Casellini, DMD
(310) 208-3125
10921 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1013 Los Angeles, CA 90024

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