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Press Release

Swiss Quality Smile: A Reliable And Affordable Cosmetic Dentist Service In West Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California based Swiss Quality Smile is an affordable cosmetic dentist in West Los Angeles that is committed to providing an excellent dental service for their community. The clinic is known among locals for their quality, experience, and use of the latest techniques in the dental industry.

In their pursuit of improving their services, the local dentists have attended the 2019 rendition of the "CDA Presents Anaheim" event. This year, the event hosted over 200 courses and workshops that featured industry-leading speakers and innovations from 550+ exhibitors, making CDA Presents an exceptionally educational event for all attendees.

Dr. Ilona Casellini, a representative of Swiss Quality Smile commented on the event, saying, "I was able to meet and speak with some of the companies that are leading the innovation front in the industry. I was able to see for myself some of the improvements that are about to come to dentistry in the near future, and I must say I am very excited myself to implement them. At Swiss Quality Smite, we are known for using the latest technologies and procedures, and I can ensure that we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future."

She stated that their goal at Swiss Quality Smile is to provide the highest level of patient care and dentistry in a relaxing and comfortable environment. "We have determined that, to meet this goal, we must embrace the latest technologies without falling behind,” said the local dentist.

Swiss Quality Smile's approach to dentistry has always been to host a familiar environment where patients can be at ease while they are treated by a doctor that they know and trust. Dr. Cassellini possesses extensive experience in the field herself, having worked with thousands of dentists throughout her career, who have taught her different treatment procedures and the proper implementation of various cosmetic techniques. To this day, Dr. Cassellini states that she works one on one with all of her patients, getting to know each one and taking the time to understand their afflictions. By doing so, she is able to ensure that they are comfortable throughout their visit.

Dr. Cassellini stated that, "It is very important for me to have a personal connection with every patient, as this is how I was taught to do dentistry. For me, every patient and every procedure is equally important, and I will always be looking out for their best interests. A beautiful smile is considered a striking feature, but not all individuals are naturally gifted with perfect teeth. Your Cosmetic Dentist in Westwood is equipped with the skills, experience, and modern technology to help relieve oral health problems and create a breathtakingly healthy smile you can be proud of."

Swiss Quality Smile utilizes advanced technology in cosmetic dentistry, including digital dental x-rays, Invisalign orthodontics, in-office bleaching, dental implants, and laser dentistry. The clinic takes pride in offering a complete suite of services, covering procedures from misalignment, discoloration, and tooth loss to corrective procedures that aim to alleviate symptoms and support well-being. All of these services are provided at the most competitive, affordable prices in the market, ensuring that the LA community isn't deprived of the dental care that they need.

Through their website, Swiss Quality Smile proudly showcases a review written by a patient, who said, "Dr. Casellini is awesome and she is the best dentist that I have ever been to. I often found myself looking forward to my appointments with her—which were numerous, given my root canal and two crowns. It's been a few months since my procedures, and I have no problems with any of the work that she has done. Not only am I beyond happy with my dental work, but I am also pleased to report that she is extremely personable, as is her staff as well. I will never go to another dentist again."

For more information regarding Swiss Quality Smile's cosmetic and dental care services, one may contact Dr. Ilona Casellini. One may also visit the family dentist in West Los Angeles at their website for a detailed description of their services.


For more information about Swiss Quality Smile, contact the company here:

Swiss Quality Smile
Dr. Ilona Casellini, DMD
(310) 208-3125
10921 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1013 Los Angeles, CA 90024

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