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Press Release

Central Coast Avocado Company Launches High Reward Funding Campaign

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Pismo Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/10/2019 -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

(June 9th, 2019) – Pismo Beach, CA | Central Coast Avocado Company, producer of premium extra virgin avocado oil, publicly launches its crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter on June 16th.

The coastal company made waves in 2017 when they secured a unique way to take avocado oil to the next palatable level through a new sterilized cold-press technology. Frustrated with the refined, imported and chemically - infused avocado oils on the market, the team had a vision of utilizing California coastal Haas avocados to extract more oil, which in turn retains much more nutritional content, color, and flavor. To do so, their mission has never wavered; the avocados needed to be grown, cold-pressed and bottled - all in California. Currently, you can find this premium extra virgin avocado oil throughout many retailers along the coastline of California, as well as Reno, Nevada.

Once only a vision, CCAC now produces the most natural avocado oil available due to persistent integrity to find the best stakeholders, suppliers, and retail partners whose values align with the company. The premium oil, which is gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, dairy and cholesterol free is known for its shelf life of 36 months and smoke point of up to a rare 400°F.

Central Coast Avocado Company considers themselves fortunate to have partnered with a team they trust to execute the modern cold-press technology since the conception of the idea. As the company grows and has found even more ways to enhance their premium oil, the next logical step would be to purchase all of their own pressing equipment. This will allow the company to bring the sterilized cold-press system completely in-house to ensure the integrity and quality is never compromised. From a sustainability standpoint, a coastal avocado mill in Pismo Beach is in high demand. Thorough research further proved that local agricultural companies have expressed immense interest in utilizing this rare and expensive equipment. The best part – the expanded mill would create many jobs for locals in surrounding areas.

Case in Point - The Company has decided to offer the public an opportunity to contribute funding toward the purchase of this essential equipment given the local benefits and demand. Just as the company is uniquely passionate about the very specific way to produce the best oil – they realize at the core they are strengthened most by their very own consumers. Therefore, they have developed a way for their consumers to be an integral part of this enhancement process, all while receiving

exclusive rewards in return. Rewards from the Kickstarter campaign range from limited edition avocado oil soap bars, participating in creative directing processes, receiving a one-year supply of the company's products to a private dinner with the company owners.

Although big named companies have approached Handy with a hefty checkbook ready to take the reins, Dominic, although immensely appreciative, knows he wants to stick to his roots; "hard work and integrity will take you farther than fast cash ever will." Handy has decided to forgo the offers and although the road may be a long one, the tireless hours he and his partner are willing to put into the company will pay off. This funding campaign is the next humble step Handy and family has decided to pursue the best interest of the company.

"We are overjoyed to take these next steps to further improve our company mission, and we believe our consumers' proven faith in the quality of our products will help us see this project through," says Dominic Handy, lead principal of Central Coast Avocado Company.


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On June 16th the below link will be live on Kickstarter:

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About Central Coast Avocado Company
With inspiration from the California coastline outdoor lifestyle, CCAC is a cutting-edge leader in premium extra virgin avocado oil. The company founded a way to utilize centralized local resources to create versatile oils to pair with this lifestyle. Leading with a new sterilized cold-press technology, CCAC's main focus is to get more nutrients, color, and flavors out of Haas avocados that are typically gone to waste in common extraction processes. Utilizing this new system, CCAC is able to not only get out the most Haas avocados have to offer, but the oils are additionally free of chemical solvents that are commonly found in oils on the market. CCAC firmly believes their avocado oil is the finest oil not only on the market but also in the world.

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Media Relations Contact

Kerry Osborn
PR Director
Central Coast Avoacdo Company
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