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’INFJ: How to be happy, feeling misunderstood’: Tackling Mental Health through Self Awareness

\\\'INFJ: How to be happy, feeling misunderstood\\\': Tackling Mental Health through Self Awareness

Most people today live life on autopilot, giving less importance to their dreams. They have little time to reflect on themselves. Some personality types, like the INFJ of the Myers Briggs test, however feel more misunderstood than others, causing then to live a less than normal lifestyle. A new book by upcoming author Krusha Patel delves deeper into these issues and suggests managing techniques and a deeper understanding of self-awareness.

INFJ: How to be happy, feeling misunderstood’ is planned for official launch on July 31, 2019.

According to statistics in the UK, 42% of marriages end in divorce. Managing relationships is therefore a critical aspect of living for everyone today. In her work, Krusha Patel tackles communication within relationships and shares insights into building meaningful relationships with partners, children and friends.

‘INFJ: How to be happy, feeling misunderstood’ is an exploration of helpful NLP techniques, and addresses topics such as behaviors and actions of individuals, self-awareness and mindfulness, coping mechanisms and how to better understand oneself and others.

Many of us wonder what we actually want in life. Maybe better relationship experiences and communication? To better manage emotions and how we feel? We want to stop living a life that someone else has created for us, and start living a life by our own choices. I have tried to give answers to these and more in my new book,” says Krusha Patel.

I found it amazing to read, and it has changed my view on relationships, and it has helped me to figure out my pattern of thought,” say a reader review.

Among other things, ‘INFJ’ addresses issues such as why the INFJ personalities, which comprise only 1% of the world’s population, often feel misunderstood by others. The book addresses mental health illnesses and shares mechanisms to cope with emotions, especially when access to professional help is not available.

Krusha Patel is a finance professional and has undertaken a journey into self-discovery after undergoing counseling. Krusha discovered her personality type, and realized she could add value to people in her life and others. Krusha has helped several others with understanding other people by using NLP techniques. Born to Indian parents, who emigrated from Africa during the rule of Idi Amin to the UK, Krusha is an advocate for self-discovery, and has had the honor of meeting influential business people such as John Lee, Vincent Wong, Vincent Tan and Armand Morin.

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