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Press Release

DuoCircle Launches Free Service to Monitor Mail Server Performance

DuoCircle LLC is an integrated, cloud-based email security company. DuoCircle has launched Mailflow Monitoring, a free service that enables email service providers to monitor geographically-diverse mail servers for down status and excessive response times.

"We have a ton of email servers that require monitoring. We were using other services for MX record checking and mail flow monitoring but it was getting to be really expensive. We were paying over $600 per month to ensure that our SMTP servers were responding and that messages were being delivered to our customers, so we decided to invest and build our own tools for smtp server monitoring. It worked so well for us that we decided to give it away so that more people can monitor their SMTP message flow in real time. The other free tools limit you to only one server monitor per account, but if you have lot of infrastructure like we do, that’s just not practical. So we built the tool that we would want to use ourselves that connects to the alerting tools that we need," said Brad Slavin, CEO of DuoCircle.

Mailflow Monitoring works by sending a "test" email to monitored servers every few minutes and waiting for a reply. If the servers take too long to respond, or the roundtrip SMTP time is exceeded, Mail Flow Monitoring sends an alert via email, webhook, SMS, PagerDuty or Slack. Mail Flow Monitoring can be used to monitor an unlimited number of email servers with an unlimited number of notification policies.

" alerts users to email problems in real-time so they can do something about it in real-time," said Slavin.

About DuoCircle

DuoCircle, a privately-held company based in San Diego, CA, is a GDPR-compliant, integrated, cloud-based email solutions company with a suite of email security and delivery services. The DuoCircle services include,,, and DuoCircle is a sponsor of Let's Encrypt, a service provided by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) that gives people free digital certificates because they want to create a more secure and privacy-respecting web.


For more information about DuoCircle, contact the company here:

DuoCircle Press
6060 Nancy Ridge Dr San Diego, CA 92121 USA

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