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RSH Engineering and Construction Expertise Can Identify and Maximize Insurance Claims on Roofing

RSH Engineering and Construction Expertise Can Identify and Maximize Insurance Claims on Roofing

RSH Engineering is a professional Engineering and Construction Company, that specializes in commercial and residential roof inspections; repair/replacement services as well as assisting with forensic engineering reports for commercial roofing insurance claims in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, USA. One of the major roles of the company is to help inform, educate, and report on the extent of storm damages to the Property owners, General Contractors and Lawyers involved with the claims. As an expert/consultant/inspector for residential and commercial roof and construction claims, the company wants property owners to be aware and informed about the tools, resources, expert real-time consulting and documentation available to them for maximizing their roof claim.

The company is composed of qualified experts and forensic engineers who identify the origin and cause of the roofing problem, based on which they provide the best solution to their clients. In this interview, one of the company’s president spokesperson talks about the services they provide and how they help people in winning claims for their roof damages.

Interviewer: Tell us something about your company?

RSH Engineering: We have been in business since 1994.  We started off as a residential home inspection company. Over the years, we have built upon what we have learned from our valued customers, competitors, insurance adjusters, appraisers, lawyers, building inspectors and consultants to come up with the current RSH Value Added Services.  We are here to stay! We provide our services to property owners both in the Residential & Commercial sector. We have expertise in Forensic Engineering, construction, building codes, and inspections.  We have a team of engineers that can evaluate structural, electrical, mechanical damages caused by hail, wind, lightning hurricanes and tornadoes.  We also provide expert witness services to lawyers and provide umpire services in the insurance appraisal process.

Interviewer: What are the major services you provide?

RSH Engineering: For both Residential & Commercial areas, we provide Forensic Engineering Inspection Services where we identify the origin and cause of a problem and assess the damages; In addition, we perform Roof inspections and evaluations; We also do Roof Repairs and Replacement; We can provide Expert witness testimony in legal cases; and finally, as an umpire help settle disputed items between appraisers.

Interviewer: How do you help the customers in handling their roofing claims?

RSH Engineering: In the field of Engineering - with inspections and assessments as to the extent of damages; We also use weather history data reports to obtain critical information regarding the storm to support our final conclusions presented in our comprehensive reports.

In the area of Construction, we can perform inspections and assist with estimating of the cost of repairs; perform the actual repairs and replace the complete roof.

In Insurance Claim Process, we provide Real-time engineering & construction consulting for Property Owners, General Contractors and Lawyers involved with a claim. We can also serve as an umpire to settle disputes the insured’s appraiser and the insurance appraiser.

Interviewer: What was the latest case you handled?

RSH Engineering: Recently a Roofing Contractor called me to provide an engineering report. I did the engineering inspection and provided the report. Later he called me and said that he received ~$20,000 more after he submitted the RSH Engineering Report. He said, before our report submittal they were only going to give ~$5,000. This was a jump of $20,000.   The additional amount was all legitimate and came from structural repairs and building code compliance items the insurance adjuster missed.  The roofing contractor was a happy fellow!

Now, Lawyers are also now calling me to help them with their current and open cases. They want their own 3rd party Engineer to help them with their cases.

We provide honest documentation on things that we observe at the site and report it as we see it.

Interviewer: What is your company’s plan for the near future?

RSH Engineering: To be recognized as a valuable team member and supporter of the Property Owners, General Contractors and Lawyers representing the Property Owners and General Contractors in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area.

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