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Press Release

Blockchain platform Cube Chain Test-net Launching

The specialized blockchain development company, Cube System Co., Ltd had announced on the 20th that they are planning to launch their very own blockchain Cube Chain’s Test-net. A test run will allow developers and service providers to experience the platform and its capabilities before the product launches officially. Cube Chain platform’s main feature is that it offers high TPS(translations per second), and rapid searches. 

The Cube china Test-net is currently reaching over 10,000 TPS and when compared to the TPS values of VISA and MASTERCARD released by the BIS in 2017, Cube Chain can be considered viable for use in real life. Apart from the latter, the Index Block that contains clearly sorted massive data from all the blocks has been reinforced. The Statistics Block, that computes the statistical values of entire blocks. Along with various APIs and other application services, it allows for a rapid delivery of statistical information, with diverse applicability of use. The Escrow Block, that offers safe transactions and trading without the centralized power between the seller and the buyer.  It is a 100% self-developed program that made no use of open source whatsoever. Especially for the special block creation and cubic process’s pattern block hash functions, they implemented their own algorithm.  

Cube System will soon offer a beta version of Cube Scan that monitors all the activities within Cube Chain such as cube creation data, block creation data, transaction data, token data etc and provide along Test-net’s operation status verification service. Also Cube Chain wallet that provides wallet creation and transactions, Token creation and management, storage etc. and multifarious functions will become available as well as the mining pool service for Cube Chain related rewards. Cube System’s CEO Kim Dong Oh emphasized: “For Cube Chain, as a global blockchain, has the potential for a variety of different applications whilst covering various industries focusing in the e-commerce field with its multiple security and fast processing speed, and diverse applications”. Also, he added: ”We have developed a user-friendly, corporation-friendly, and developer-friendly blockchain, that will allow it to become mainstream, which will gradually be offering a more complete service.” 

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