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Press Release

South Minneapolis Yoga Studios Hosts Private Sessions

Minneapolis, MN based Rachel Guvenc Yoga is pleased to inform the public that they offer private sessions for Minneapolis’ yoga enthusiasts. Prospective students may contact the yoga studio via email or other means to learn more.

Held by Rachel Guvenc, the private yoga classes are an excellent option for all those interested in practicing yoga to do so within the comfort of a more individualized setting. As she already holds ‘drop in’ classes for yoga students, Guvenc encourages those who may be hesitant about starting their own yoga journey to get in touch so that they may discuss having private classes scheduled for themselves.

A yoga aficionado for nearly twenty years, Guvenc fell in love with the therapeutic and physical benefits of yoga when she took her first class. Since then, she has used techniques learned in yoga to control—and eventually quit—her smoking habit, ease chronic pain, and even increase her confidence in herself.

In fact, yoga is well known in the scientific community for its ability to manage health concerns such as obesity, asthma, cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss, and even fatigue.

This appreciation and love for the wellness medium is what fuels Guvenc’s desire to share her knowledge with others, helping them increase their focus, flexibility, balance, and strength, among many other benefits. In addition to her own extensive practice, she completed her 230 hour teacher training at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. This program blended synergistically with her personal experience, imbibing her with a well-rounded knowledge of yogic philosophy, meditation, breathwork, alignment, and modifications in poses.

Guvenc’s professional experience includes teaching yoga at St. Joe’s Home for Children and for Minneapolis Adult Education. Interested parties may visit her official website to learn more about her teaching process and her passion for sharing her knowledge with her students. As she states on the website, “I practice yoga to explore the divine spark of creativity that moves through everyday life. I also write poetry, teach adult English Language Learners, sink and swim through motherhood, and explore my home Minneapolis by bike, feet, and minivan.”

Visitors to the site may also view Guvenc’s newly added blog entries and read examples of her poetry, an aspect of her life that she believes blends harmoniously with her perspective of, and experiences with, yoga.

While most people who begin yoga will make physical exercise, improved health, or stress management their goals for the endeavour, their reasons for continuing yoga will evolve over time. According to one study, two-thirds of yoga students, and even 85% of teachers, tend to later seek spirituality or self-actualization—effectively a way to help themselves feel more fulfilled and more comfortable as human beings.

Additionally, while many will initially seek yoga for the more apparent physical health benefits, fewer may be aware that yoga has the potential to affect the brain as well, even on top of the expected advantages such as an increased ability to manage depression, stress, and anxiety. According to Psychology Today, practicing yoga can actually preserve the volume of grey matter in the brain as people age. Experienced yoga practitioners tend to show brain matter volumes along the same levels as people much younger than them, which means that yoga has the potential to reduce the mental decline that comes with the natural ageing process.

Notably, the part of the brain that is preserved is also the part that allows people to feel more positive emotions. In effect, as any yoga lover can attest, yoga also helps people be happier.

The positive effects of practicing yoga are numerous, and all those who wish to begin their yoga journey, or even continue an established yoga habit among like-minded students and peers, are welcome to join Rachel Guvenc’s yoga classes. Those interested in either public or private classes in Minneapolis may contact Rachel Guvenc of Rachel Guvenc Yoga. Furthermore, they may also visit the yoga teacher’s website, or connect with her through the class’ Facebook page.


For more information about Rachel Guvenc Yoga, contact the company here:

Rachel Guvenc Yoga
Rachel Guvenc
5916 Dupont Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55419

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