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Press Release

CB Company (Coiniverse Business), The World’s Leading Digital Assets Trading Platform

Why creates Coiniverse Business?

The total market value of global digital assets has topped $ 1 trillion in two years, while the daily volume reached $50 billion yet. In accordance with the current trend of digital assets in the world, we can see that the future trading volume will be tremendous. This is one of the birth backgrounds of CB. Another is that cryptocurrency market of Hong Kong is still not popularized, whereas, with the growth of the blockchain technology, we believe it will become an indispensable part of human’s life. So we target this opportunity to create the most famous digital asset trading platform in Hong Kong,  launching the Coiniverse Business.

The value of cryptocurrency trading platform

It is proved that it will be very valuable if we have the right approach in the cryptocurrency trading market. However, there are still many restrictions on the market depending on the country or fiat offered, which means there is growth potential of cryptocurrency trading. A number of  platforms have chosen to transform or go global to create an international cryptocurrency exchange.

The number of trading platforms is constantly increasing, but there will be a big problem in terms of service quality in cryptocurrency trading platforms. Given that the cryptocurrency exchange rate is unconstrained, cryptocurrencies have been raised to unimaginably high levels. However, it can’t be guaranteed that they will continue to stay there for a long time.

Whereas, the faster the market develops, the more trust users will have in it, and the more benefits it brings to those who know how to use it. That's why we want to create a high quality cryptocurrency trading software. So, let us have a look what you need to pay attention to and how to launch the cryptocurrency trading service through the app.

Why the value of exchange platform tokens always rise?

Bitcoin has broken new records and governments have legalized cryptocurrency. All of these show that the popularity of blockchain technology has become a major trend and cryptocurrency still possesses the pioneer position in the international market.

However, there are a lot of chaos in the market. There are both unknown potential coins and infamous shit coins. Everyone is looking for a valuable cryptocurrency. So, what kind of cryptocurrency is valuable?

Recently, the U-network, an overseas digital asset trading platform developed by the top blockchain and cryptocurrency trading technology team, is about to issue a new digital cryptocurrency UNI. It has already attracted many people in the circle before its official launch. How can a platform token trigger such a big market reaction?

Platform token, as its name implies, is a cryptocurrency issued by the trading platform. Generally speaking, the value of a coin is closely related to the background of the strength of the project side. The stronger the technical strength is and the more sufficient the financial strength is, the higher the possibility of rising and the stronger  effect will be when it rises. Taking Binance coin as an example: The issuance price at that time is less than 1 yuan. However, soon after the issuance, the model of “surge” was launched, the highest price was around 60 yuan. Even if it fell later, it still remained at 50 yuan. There are other platform tokens like BNB, KCS and BIG, etc. In general, the price of the platform token is basically several times of the issuance price.

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