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Press Release

JZAPPS Releases New Video Puzzle Game Upon Major App Download Services

“JZAPPS has released a brand new game based upon jigsaw board games of old with change-up occurring in terms of facilitating the game upon a software environment, and is perhaps the most enjoyable and positively reinforcing title for kids.”

Latvia - JZAPPS would like to announce the release of their gaming app, ‘Animal Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids’, upon all major app download platforms like Google Play; it essentially speaks to the majority of kids demographic who are the primary and most appropriate users of this software game.

Jigsaw is simply one of the most straightforward game concepts, and software gaming has only enhanced its enjoyment and engagement through the roof. This game has essentially inculcated all the latest technological features and additions, which have resulted greatly in the improvement of the features in every way imaginable. The game contains all the traditional elements of the classic jigsaw, which any user would have to solve in terms of conjoining various parts to eventually provide a full portrait. The qualities involved in playing the game would mostly see players utilizing their observational and cognitive qualities, and would see the improvement of these qualities themselves.

‘Animal Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids’ is the perfect gaming solution for children because the entire format would see the children utilizing their observation and cognitive faculties in conjunction with the difficulties and complexities of the game. Moreover, since this is a software game, it must also mean that the level of difficulty would keep increasing slightly after every instance. This would eventually lead to an altogether positive curve of development of the most essential mental faculties required by any child. The animals involved in the portraits of Jigsaw are all a means to appeal to the sensibilities of any kid.

This game also has several other features that can sufficiently enhance the playing experience in light of achieving a state of potential improvement, and could also be played under competitive circumstances. Moreover, the graphic are pretty pristine, and are colorful enough to tick off all the boxes playing a part towards appeal. The game would also be guided by ethical considerations, which has effectively made clear what JZAPPS stand for, and the privacy policy listing these qualities could be accessed through this link


JZAPPS, as the name signifies, is a new age app development and deployment enterprise that entertains, and makes the lifestyle of people positively entertaining themselves through the help of software technologies. The brand occupies the niche of appealing to a variety of demographics, and have been able to capture attention to their very own business cause quite effectively. In addition, JZAPPS also function upon a bedrock of several ethical considerations, which have been quite clearly stated, and explained through their Privacy Policy.

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