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Hard Drive Recovery Group Addresses Common Data Recovery Issues With Latest Blog

In accordance with its mission to educate customers about proactive data recovery strategies, Hard Drive Recovery Group's February blog posts addresses common, avoidable situations and provides helpful tips.

"There are certainly a few extremely common situations for most Windows and Mac computers that can either warn of or cause hard drive failure and data loss situations," said Maureen Davies of Hard Drive Recovery Group. "While backing up your data is always the main key to avoiding high priced data recovery services, a little preventative knowledge can go a long way."

The post entitled "Surviving The Blue Screen Of Death" discusses one of the main bugaboos that has affected Windows users since the operating system's first iterations, the blue screen. While this error has been all but gone for quite some time, recent Windows Updates have brought it back with a vengeance.

"Windows 10 updates tend to be completely automatic unless you use third party tools, which few people consider for their system," said Davies. "Recent updates have meant that many users are experiencing strange blue screen errors that weren't there before. We recommend that users either rollback their updates or simply wait for the next one that (hopefully) corrects the issue."

While in most cases blue screen errors, or Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) as it is known colloquially, do not signify a failing hard disk, they certainly can cause massive file corruption, particularly if they occur during major computing operations.

"Once you see a BSOD, you'll want to make sure that you get a backup program going right away," said Davies. "These errors can be very destructive to a HDD or SSD partition table, so knowing you have a copy of your data provides a lot of peace of mind."

A second post, "Should You Consider A Hard Drive Recovery Service", discusses the real benefits of Cloud backup services, including ease of use, security and robustness. While these services were once cost prohibitive to consumers and small businesses, entrants like Dropbox and Google Drive have lowered costs dramatically, and suddenly the cloud isn't so "risky" anymore.

"We're all dealing with bandwidth today that would have seemed almost implausible a mere 10 years ago," said Davies. "Cloud based services are far, far faster than they used to be, and are catching up quickly when it comes to security - which up until not too long ago, was their biggest flaw."

A third post entitled, "The Importance Of Having A Data Recovery Process", discusses why both consumer and professional computer users need to create some kind of plan in cases of catastrophic data loss.

"Across the board, the main reason why customers call on a data recovery service like Hard Drive Recovery Group is always that they never planned for the potential of a hard drive failure," said Davies. "Putting something in place now to ensure the safety of your data is really the only way to avoid loss in the future."

Consumer data loss typically revolves around items of stronger sentimental value such as photos, music and videos. Business data loss, on the other hand, tends to be far more critical, as competitive information, financial data and corporate secrets can be lost.

The article notes that although having data recovery software or hard drive recovery service provider contact details at the ready in cases of data loss are good steps, they are far from a cure all.

"Although we love our customers deeply, we recognize that the less they have to deal with us, the better they feel," joked Davies. "Prevention via backup is practically a cure for data loss, so as a result we tend to preach it daily."

Hard Drive Recovery Group continues to offer weekly data recovery tips and explanation of the services it offers on its blog.


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