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Press Release

Newark Tree Leaders Announce New Tree Service In Newark CA

Newark Tree Leaders have announced newly available tree services in the Newark, California area for tree services. The company provides tree trimming services to make sure that trees in the yard get the appropriate trimming or pruning. They want to point out that trees that have been trimmed or pruned improperly can result into serious problems. Experts from the company have the experience and the knowledge on the best way to trim or prune trees so that they do not just look great but are healthy as well.

Robert Mandre, spokesperson for Newark Tree Leaders, says, “There can be two approaches to tree trimming in Newark. One is seasonal tree trimming. For any type of tree to remain neatly cropped or pruned, trimming the various components of the shoots and offshoots is a quintessential requirement. This could be seasonal, which does not necessarily mean the exercise should be repeated twice or four times a year. The other approach is to be alert in order to identify the opportune moment when tree trimming should be carried out. This opportune moment is when trees tend to grow beyond the extent you would have liked.”

Robert Mandre adds that routine tree service is important for most communities in the Bay Area. Tree removal service is usually not scheduled unless there is demand for clearing some lots. Landscaping and lawn care projects may require the removal of trees but these are often planned so there is enough time for the property owner to request for tree removal service. Tree trimming requires a proactive approach and it can be either seasonal or done each time the trees have grown beyond a certain extent, such as when tree branches are almost touching electric power lines or a side of the house. Those who want to know more about their tree trimming services can check out their article at

Meanwhile, homeowners and property owners in Newark may require tree removal service, particularly when there are dead or dying trees. Ideally, dead trees should be treated until they become healthy again. However, those that are beyond treatment have to be removed because they can cause other trees to be infected as well.

However, it is essential to have trees assessed first because tree removal may not always be the best solution. Not all trees that appear to be weak will really fall down. On the other hand, some trees that appear to be strong may suddenly be felled by strong winds. Experts from Newark Tree Leaders can assess and determine which trees need to be removed and those that are still strong enough.

The tree removal service may include stump grinding although stump grinding can be provided as a separate service. A tree may have fallen before and have been removed in the past but the stump had not been taken care of. The stump has to be grounded and removed to allow for land and lot clearing.

Robert Mandre explains that their tree removal service includes the removal of the resulting debris. They will not leave the premises littered with twigs, leaves, logs, and other debris. Instead, they will make sure that the premises are thoroughly clean when they leave.

Furthermore, because palm trees are quite common in California, Newark Tree Leaders also provide a palm tree service. Palm trees are often used for decorative purposes but if they are not cared for regularly, they will look shabby and possibly negatively affect the value of the property. They need to be trimmed properly to allow them to look their best.

Newark Tree Leaders provide a non-obligatory free estimate for every kind of tree service in Newark. They offer estimates for tree pruning; tree trimming; stump grinding; tree removal; landscaping and lawn care; land and lot clearing, and more. Hazardous tree assessments can also be provided. Those who require an estimate can visit their website, call them by phone, or visit their offices. Those interested can take at look at their service map for tree service in Newark, CA. Their business hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Saturday.


For more information about Newark Tree Leaders, contact the company here:

Newark Tree Leaders
Robert Mandre
(650) 257-2200
Newark CA 94560

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