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Press Release

EverSpark Interactive Now Powers Comprehensive Technical SEO Audit

EverSpark Interactive is an Atlanta based agency that works to market websites with a strong emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). While it does offer other services, EverSpark has stated that, “SEO is our core competency,” and that, “SEO continues to be our obsession; where there’s an algorithm there’s always going to be SEO.” Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of altering the code and content of a website, as well as market it, in such a way as to ensure that it appears as often as possible in relevant web searches, and thus receives more web traffic.

Founded in 2009 by a small group of SEO experts with the goal of creating an agency that optimizes their clients’ websites while also educating them about the process involved, EverSpark maintains a commitment towards being open minded and adapting to meet the changing requirements of SEO. Having observed search engine trends for nearly two decades, the company claims to have been “reverse engineering Google since 2001.” EverSpark now strives to achieve the criteria favoured by search engines for its clients. The SEO Tech Audit includes a website audit that identifies and fixes any errors, both minor and major, in the code of the website before beginning the process of optimization and marketing.

EverSpark’s Content Strategy aims to help ideate, create, and distribute engaging content for the website in order to market it successfully, and increase its overall rating within search engine algorithms. This is accomplished by the company’s content experts, who each have vast experience in creating and marketing websites. In the agency’s own words, “Content marketing is vital to building brand awareness and loyalty–but only if you do it right. And if you’re just blogging a few times each month, you need a better strategy. Real content marketing begins when you create engaging content for your audience (blogs, images, and videos), optimize it for search engines, and measure your results.”

The company offers competitor analysis to discover why competitors rank above their client in online keyword searches and to determine how to emulate and improve the positive aspects of competitor websites, and then surpass them in web traffic. Reputation management helps those who are dissatisfied with how their company appears in Google searches, and works to improve the websites “reputation” in web searches.

EverSpark also offers SEO training, which teaches website owners to optimize their websites on their own through training sessions provided by the agency. The training department states, “We help marketing managers, small teams, corporations, and agencies implement the latest SEO best practices to help achieve their internal business goals. We can set up anything between a few hours to full days of training, depending on your needs.”

Having worked in or observed SEO in a large variety of fields since 2001, EverSpark’s experts have seen virtually every type of challenge in every type of industry. However, the company specialises in law, healthcare, finance, retail, and technology, with technology being their most developed field of expertise, as it is considered some of the company’s best performing work. The company considers itself a tech company, in addition to SEO and marketing.

The question of Why EverSpark works for companies can be answered by EverSpark itself: “It’s rare to hear of a 360° Digital Marketing Agency that leads with SEO, however, that’s exactly what EverSpark is. The eternal question that we continue to analyze, ponder, and work to perfect the answer to is, ‘what do we have to do, every day to make sure our clients are in a strong position to take advantage of search engines.’”

EverSpark offers a robust, all-encompassing auditing service that serves to optimize every aspect of the website, while also educating clients about the entire process. It essentially markets a website on every platform, with a strong emphasis on SEO, and performs these tasks in a large number of fields. The company is run by dedicated experts with over a decade of experience in the industry and a willingness to adapt to the ever-changing world of Search Engine Optimisation and online marketing.

Those who wish to learn more about the company and their services may contact Chris Watson of EverSpark Interactive. They may also be reached via the contact information on their website, or through their social media platforms.


For more information about EverSpark Interactive, contact the company here:

EverSpark Interactive
Chris Watson
3340 Peachtree Road, N.E., Suite 1010, Atlanta, GA 30326

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