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Hard Drive Recovery Associates Uses Social Media to Inform Businesses on Ways to Prepare for Data Recovery in Times of Disaster

Hard Drive Recovery Associates has turned to social media as a way for them to help inform businesses on what they can do to prepare for an event that causes a loss of computer data.

The company is doing this because they feel that too many businesses nowadays have become overconfident in the technology that’s inside of their computers. They warn that even the most reputable and trusted hard drive systems are still mechanical devices that are not foolproof and sometimes prone to failure. The company also mentions to their social media post readers, that they must be aware that such data damaging occurrences as natural disasters, fires and cyber attacks can and do happen in this modern world.

One of the latest social media posts that were seen from them on this topic was found on Tumblr in an article dated January 17, 2019. Those at Hard Drive Recovery Associates advise that the best way for a business and its data to survive an equipment failure or catastrophic event is for them to have a proper disaster plan in place.

Jack Edwards, a representative of Hard Drive Recovery Associates, had this to say about the importance of any business having a data disaster recovery plan in place. He says, “Companies that have a well thought out disaster plan in place when a catastrophe strikes stand a better chance of survival than those companies who have not prepared in this way. It can mean all the difference when it comes to a company being able to continue in business after the unexpected occurs. Of course, data is one of the most valuable resources that any company has to protect and therefore the survival of it should be a key component of any disaster plan.”

In the Tumblr article, it was stated that there are three critical areas that must be addressed once a company has put their disaster plan into place as far as data protection is concerned. The first is for a company to make sure they communicate what’s in their new data disaster recovery plan with their employees. Next, they must take steps to protect their data by means of such things as external data backup storage and cloud storage facilities. Lastly, any company that makes a data recovery disaster plan should figure out a way they can do a simulated event where this plan is tested for effectiveness.

This very same article from them can also be seen on Blogspot for those that may prefer to access it there.

Of course with them being a company that specializes in data recovery, they also had some advice for those individuals and businesses that have lost data either because of accidental deletion, hard drive failure or an unexpected catastrophe. They cautioned that all is not lost in most cases when these things happen. Edwards explained why this is the case. He says, “Just like today’s computer storage devices have become more advanced, so to have the methods for recovering data from these devices when they have become inoperable due to mechanical failure or damage from unforeseen events. Companies like ours have had success recovering data on everything from small hard drives found in laptops or PC’s to the largest data server systems that can be found inside a company.”

Hard Drive Recovery Associates is a company that states they now have almost 20-years’ experience in the data recovery business. Their offices and laboratories are located in the Irvine, California area. Among the things they offer to their customers are the best price guarantee and a no recovery, no charge policy. They even feature an expedited 48-hour data recovery turnaround service.

Much more information about these hard drive recovery specialists can be found on their main website. If someone goes to their other Google platform they can also do such things as fill out a form to request a callback or request a free data recovery quote from them. A person can also attain more detailed information about Hard Drive Recovery Associates by accessing their WordPress site.


For more information about Hard Drive Recovery Associates, contact the company here:

Hard Drive Recovery Associates
Jack Edwards
(949) 258-9465
12 Mauchly #7 Irvine, CA 92618

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