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Press Release

North Carolina Digital Marketing Firm Provides Professional Marketing And SEO Services For Business Growth

Cedar Grove, North Carolina based digital marketing company, The Website Marketing Pro, is expanding their professional services for local and online businesses, with their sights set on boosting their clients’ traffic through digital channels. They help companies, especially Real Estate businesses, to grow and reach a much wider audience through digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)services, and local SEO optimization.

Digital marketing is essential for businesses, both physical and online. According to a survey, the average internet user has seven social media accounts. As much as 22% of the entire world's population uses Facebook alone. One of the top 10 reasons for people to use social media is to buy products and look at reviews. As many as 30% of users on social media mention specific brands when referring to milestones in their life and more than 45% buy products online as a result of ads or reviews on social networks.

As shown by these statistics, social media marketing is one of the many digital marketing channels available to businesses. Companies that implement digital marketing strategies see nearly 3x an increase in their revenue growth. Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) are able to grow and expand their workforce by over 300% when using digital marketing. These markers indicate the importance of digital marketing for any business in the modern age.

The Website Marketing Pro provides a range of online advertising services, helping businesses manage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, which are an inexpensive method of driving traffic to their websites. The firm also provides online lead generation services so businesses can build mailing lists for marketing and advertising purposes.

Beyond online marketing and advertising services, the company also provides Public Relations (PR) and online reputation management. By monitoring traffic on digital channels, businesses can learn a lot about their visitors and understand what is wanted from the brand. This also includes whether customers are satisfied or not by the service or product they receive. The Website Marketing Pro delivers actionable insights for businesses and website owners to help them manage their brand reputation online.

SEO is an extremely important tool for any website. It is the process of making a website search engine friendly, so people searching for specific keywords on search engines such as Google or Bing can find the company’s website easily. SEO is not only relevant for websites and online businesses, it is also crucial for brick-and-mortar businesses so that potential customers can find store locations, check out reviews, get information about products, and contact sales representatives or business owners. The Website Marketing Pro has been successfully delivering online and local SEO services for the past few years.

“It all starts with getting plenty of traffic to client’s websites and social media pages. However, it doesn't end there,” says Richard Ingersoll, founder of The Website Marketing Pro, in his LinkedIn Profile. “The big challenge is to get your visitors to do what you want them to do when they land on your page. Otherwise, the effort to get them there is wasted. So, my work for you also involves Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)—that's converting traffic into clients. If there isn't enough traffic through organic search results, pay-per-click advertising is the most effective solution—but you need to know what you're doing. I can help you get lots more traffic that provides a consistent ROI through pay-per-click account management.”

Ingersoll has over 40 years of experience in IT and business operations, and understands the needs of businesses, big or small. Over the years, he has managed to garner a large clientele for his company, who have had great experiences with The Website Marketing Pro.

“Working with Richard has been a great pleasure,” says Krish V. “He always displays an extensive knowledge of SEO services. Having the opportunity to work with new clients in my freelance business and knowing that new incoming traffic will be delivered to our clients’ sites is a truly rewarding experience. Richard is a great resource that could expand your business exponentially with the SEO and PPC services he provides.”

Businesses or individuals interested in digital marketing services can visit The Website Marketing Pro’s website or their Facebook Page for more information. They can also use the other contact details listed on the website to pursue other queries.


For more information about The Website Marketing Pro, contact the company here:

The Website Marketing Pro
Dick Ingersoll
(919) 636-9623
321 Hawkins Rd, Cedar Grove, NC 27231

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