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Press Release

Skelpy Announces The Release Date Of Its Certified Blockchain Mainnet

While those who were leaders of the landscape seem not to recover, new initiatives arise, taking as a priority the security of the funds and the stability of the system. Skelpy wants to take advantage of the young 2019 to deploy its entire strategy.

Caserta and surroundings, Italy - The first democratic ecosystem based on blockchain will begin its first period from March 23 this year; that is the premise of the certified decentralized blockchain Skelpy.

The financial tool is said to have two pillars complementing each other: the Skelpy Circuit, leveraged by the innovative Delegated Proof of Stake, and the Skelpy System, a distributed digital space where all transactions will be carried out - with support in both native currency (SKP) as for other available currencies.

The purpose of the project is to establish a new standard where all portfolios located within the cryptographic protocol obtain a verified digital identity. This process will make use of elements such as KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and CTF (Capture the Flag - Counter Terrorist Financing).

For the founder of Skelpy, Luigi Piccirillo, marketing expert and blockchain developer, the certification of wallets (Skelpy Desktop Wallet, Web Wallet and Skelpy Client 1.0) implies an improved level of security and support services for crypto-users, who may have a better disposition of the data regarding their operations after being linked to a digital identity. All portfolios react to the type of visibility determined by owners.

About Skelpy

Founded in 2018 after the efforts of financial experts, advisors, developers, and marketers, Skelpy was conceived as a specialized alternative that, according to the team behind it, could become the most prominent figure in the new generation of blockchain solutions; enabling mechanisms and resources that the predecessor projects had wrongfully overlooked.

Necessary Order

According to Forbes' article “4 Major Blockchain Trends to Watch for in 2019”, the blockchain market lies in a period of transition motivated by a drop in the values of the market giants, Bitcoin, and Ethereum among others. For example, Ripple - which is alleged, will go to the courts in a class action during the next months- faces enormous challenges for the reputation of its platform after the "serious economic injuries" suffered by clients claiming lack of clarity on behalf of said platform.

On the opposite extreme, the remaining players have proposed new strategies that ensure not only reliability in their projects, but also new methodologies planning to close the gap between the stability of the conventional economy and the practicality of new decentralized trends, once and for all.

It is in this space where Skelpy projects to excel, boasting of offering a new infrastructure where "an intelligent investor sees an opportunity in dip than risk" - a phrase with which they decided to adorn its official website.

Inside the protocol

According to one of its spokespersons, the key point to differentiate this particular crypto-environment from the rivals is the fact that both the platform and the network are designed from the beginning as a financial instrument of certification, whose features are fully available for users to modify- according to their requirements.

Funcionamiento del engine

As expressed on the Whitepaper, The DPoS protocol represents the "evolution from both the Proof of Work and the Proof of Stake," since guarantees to the digital token net-powered by SKP- processing transactions under decentralized management (transactions validation) without the need for a central authority. Several delegates, chosen by the community, will be in charge of maintaining the optimal functioning of the platform, in exchange for a reward in SKP coins.

On the other hand, transactions will be visible to everybody, but the individuals will be certified and recognized following visibility criteria: Public (seen by all), Private (seen under authorization), and Solo, (which does not receive recognition requests). In summon, verified wallets enable corporate and private use, eliminates the possibility of scams or frauds, allows portfolio recovery and also provides its own SKP currency.

Following the lines of a recent review in ICObench, participants will be able to make use of The Skelpy Identity Card (SIC), which they can share with clients, partners and contacts to facilitate any operation through a QR code scan.

The projection of Skelpy

Skelpy’s mainnet has already started on January 1st, while the fundraising date is March 23rd by then users will be able to access the solution by sending their documents to the platform for approval and thus become a verified member.

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