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Press Release

Countrywide Family Mediation Unveil New Website and Resources for Family Law

Birmingham, UK - Countrywide Family Mediation recently have unveiled a new website with resources for Birmingham residents in need of family law counseling. The Birmingham-based firm specialises in providing mediation services for divorces, family financial disputes, child custody and other issues in the realm of family law.

Mediation is a voluntary solution to what often can be highly contentious disagreements. Before these disagreements are taken to court, a solicitor may suggest that the aggrieved parties voluntarily attempt mediated meetings, which is where Countrywide Family Mediation come in. Countrywide provides an impartial third party who may or may not be a solicitor themselves and who aims for solutions that will save time and money on legal fees for all involved parties.

The new Countrywide website lays out all their services as well as information for families seeking mediation services. They make available guidelines for how in-dispute parties can set up a Mediation Information Meeting (MIAM), and they provide resources particular to children, parents, couples, grandparents, and more. The two main services that Countrywide are able to provide in a fast and effective manner are mediation for disputes involving children or finances.

For issues involving children, Countrywide specialises in child visitation, maintenance, payment plans, arranging holiday visitation, shared and co-parenting situations as well as issues of alienation from a child and lack of communication with the child. Countrywide provides a starting place where open and honest conversation can take place, so both parties can begin to work through their issues while keeping the welfare of the child as the top priority.

For financial disputes, the experts at Countrywide provide consultation and services to help solve issues involving any incurred debts from a marriage as well as splitting joint assets like businesses, pensions, homes or vehicles. Countrywide can help save time and money by handling all the financial disclosures that are required by the courts. With their assistance, a solicitor will only need to be retained to finalise a consent order and to ensure that the agreed upon terms of the mediation become legally binding.

Complex family matters will only get worse the longer they are drawn out. Countrywide Family Mediation provides solutions to financial and custody disputes. With their newly launched website, they are working to ensure that more families have access to the mediation services and resources they need to manage familial issues in amicable and cost-effective ways.

Media Contact
Company Name: Countrywide Family Mediation
Contact Person: Ian Frank
Email: Send Email
Phone: 03300 101 382
City: West Midlands, UK
State: Birmingham B38 1DL
Country: United Kingdom

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