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Press Release

Diditan Custom Home Builders Santa Monica Announces New Location in Santa Monica, California

Arie Abekasis of Diditan Group is happy to announce that they are opening a new location in Santa Monica. Diditan custom home builders have been in the business of building custom homes for the last 30 years. In the last 15 years, they have built their online presence to become more visible to the ever-growing local community.

When approached about this announcement, Arie Abekasis had this comment to share, “The community in beautiful Santa Monica is growing at an impressive rate. In many cases, prospective homeowners are interested in building their own custom homes. In some cases, current homeowners want to finally build their dream home. As a result, we’ve needed to expand our operations by opening a new location in Santa Monica.”

With custom home building, it is important to find a company that properly serves the town and city that the homeowner wants to build in. The home builder will need to understand the intricacies of building in that area, as well as what zoning permits will be required to build. A home builder should be able to handle every step of the process, from conception and blueprints to handling contractors and builders directly - until the moment the homeowner steps into their home for the first time.

Harold Brakis hired Diditan Custom Home Builders Santa Monica to build his new home on the outskirts of Santa Monica. This was the experience he shared, “I thought it was going to be a very long, involved process, but Arie and his team made it super easy. They thought of things I would have never thought of - and I worry that another home builder would have made a decision on my behalf without consulting me. I’m very glad we went with Diditan Custom Homes because now my family and I are living in the home we have always dreamed of.”

Despite Harold’s streamlined experience, home building is actually a very involved process. Diditan Custom Home Builders Santa Monica simply strives to make the process as easy from the homebuyers perspective as possible. They understand when to make a decision on the spot for the safety of the family and when to contact the homebuyer for consultation. Their goal is to be as thorough as they can in the design stage of the process so that, ideally, the homebuyer doesn’t need to be contacted until it is time to unveil their home.

Theresa Gibbons had her home built by Diditan Custom Home Builders Santa Monica, backed by the Diditan Group. She was happy to share her experience, “I loved working with Diditan. They were very knowledgeable and were able to advise me on choices I didn’t realize I would have to make. I was glad to have their experienced team on my side, ensuring that my luxury home would be everything I had imagined and more. They even showed me way I could save money without sacrificing the luxury look I was aiming for. I’d probably be broke if it wasn’t for that great team!”

As Theresa Gibbons experienced, another focus area for Diditan is luxury home building. As they work beneath the Diditan Group, a luxury home building company based in Los Angeles, California, Diditan Custom Home Builders Santa Monica executes the building of stylish designs that their expert designers have crafted. They consult with the homebuyer in order to create the ideal look and feel - inside and out - of their dream home. They are happy to meet with homebuyers who are considering a custom luxury build option.

Matthew West shared his experience with Diditan Custom Home Builders Santa Monica, “I worked with Diditan Home Builders in 2000, so almost 20 years ago. I wanted a custom home built because I noticed that most homes built in a similar area all looked the same or very similar. I worked with Arie to get my home designed and even though it was 20 years ago, I still remember how nice and professional he was. I would recommend Diditan Custom Home Builders to anyone.”


For more information about Diditan Custom Home Builders Santa Monica, contact the company here:

Diditan Custom Home Builders Santa Monica
Arie Abekasis
(469) 912-0200
327 Euclid Street, Santa Monica CA 90402

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