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Detroit Veteran Finds His Voice in Prolific Anthology of Poems

DETROIT, MI - Jan 2, 2019 - Not many are aware of the emotional turmoil many veterans go through but one Detroit Veteran, Dean Zeviar Aka Earnest Navar Williams, has found his voice in his debut anthology, A Poet’s Diary 1.

Zeviar’s book is a diverse collection of thought-provoking poems that focuses on human experiences of all kinds- from love and war to racism and religion. His style of poetry is emotional and thought provoking but it is perfectly balanced with a sublime mix of humor and unique imageries that show all of life’s realities. And as if the powerful imagery were not enough, each poem is accompanied by a picture which helps with the interpretation. 

Given the depth and clarity of the poems in the book, it is hard to imagine that Zeviar struggled to write the poems. In the book he bares all, sharing how he found it difficult to find the right words to express himself.  His book provides inspiration to those who are struggling with issues that with faith and perseverance, they can overcome.

A Poet’s Diary 1 is Zeviar’s debut anthology but it won’t be his last. The poet and independent publisher is already making strides to publish the second part of the series.  Questioned about the motivation for the anthology, he explained: “The book is my reflection during my stay in a veterans’ shelter while journaling for my mental, physical and emotional health and wellness. The journaling led to an understanding of my whole health. That understanding led to my healing, and my connection to God's creations. The beauty of humanity is their grit and resilience in face of adversity. That beauty had formed the rich inspiration throughout the pages of "A Poet's Diary 1". 

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It shouldn’t be surprising that Zeviar found healing in poetry. A study conducted by Avondale College revealed that, like psychotherapy, poetry provides a framework for reflecting on life experience and transforming distress. One of the most published researchers on the benefits of writing, Dr. James Pennebaker, also found that writing about emotional topics improves the immune system by reducing stress, anxiety and depression. And there are benefits for those who read poetry too. A research conducted by York University found that poetry can help develop empathy and creativity in people.

A Poet’s Diary1 offers an entertaining and stimulating read. Like a suspense novel with a good plot, this anthology is filled with the twists and turns that will leave readers begging for more- page after page.  Moreover, the diversity of the themes means there is something for everyone. Poetry lovers have hailed the work as soul searching, honest, raw and uplifting. The book is available in eBook and paperback formats on and Barnes and Noble.

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About the Author

Dean Zeviar, Aka Earnest Navar Williams is a Poet, Freelance Publisher and member of the Motown Writers Network & Michigan Literary Network. He is also a former member of the Michigan Writers. He became passionate about poetry during his stay at a veteran’s homeless shelter. His journal for health and wellness led to his catharsis; his recovery; and his poetry book, “A POETS DIARY 1”.

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